Immense Pain.

I am dying, in pain.
It hurts so so so bad.
And no, I’m not being an emotional drama-mama this time, but my whole face hurts.
Got both my upper wisdom teeth removed today, 1/2 day off from work since I couldn’t even open my mouth. The extraction was a little more difficult than expected. Dr. J, a family friend, is one of the coolest dentists around and I suppose that helped a bit. Although my legs were trembling crazily. I realise something about myself. When I am nervous and scared, my legs start trembling involuntarily. It was horrible. It has been four hours and the bleeding hasn’t stopped. My lip tore slightly. Man, I look like I was in a cat fight!

And only now, only now will I be craving for Mc Chicken Spicy, Big Breakfast, Crispy Chicken from KFC with tons of chilli sauce.


5 Responses to “Immense Pain.”

  1. load up on painkillers .. do not be a heroine.. just keep takin them even if u dun need them .

  2. d: heeheehee thanks d! i tend to conveniently to forget to take them cos it’s just a chore to pry open my mouth and remove the damn blood soaked gauze. uhm too much details. btw, im craving for a full South Indian Thali meal now. crap.

  3. *hug*

  4. a few more days and u can have it..
    try workin tt brain to crave porriage ..
    actually I love porriage esp fish ..
    take painkillers..
    I am sublimially sendin messages..

  5. lavathena: *hug right back*

    d: coincidental. i’m actually painfully sipping shredden chicken porridge as i read your comment. i must say it’s rather good!
    yum. though the South Indian Thali meal is still at the fore of my brain.
    And i am receiving the sublimially sent messages. :P

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