The Little Stupids That Lurk Around Us

I need to vent a little. Came across an old entry of someone I was never close to, since the start, but had some very interesting things to say about me. It was pretty good interesting read, and I didn’t even realise who I was reading till I saw familiar names and links. And right before I grossed out and clicked the cross-close, I stumbled upon the offending entry. It’s amazing how much people talk without knowing anything; anything at all. And how things are bought whole-sale. I’m not even angry- just that this writer had terribly questionable behaviour long ago, and yet, has the audacity to comment. I mean, people make mistakes. You own up and say, hey, I screwed up. I’m not perfect. That’s me. I’ve never told anyone how ‘perfect’ I am and go preaching. But pls, for Heaven’s sake, don’t act like an all-knowing Guru, and spew your words of wisdom. If God gave me a chance to knock the daylights out of anyone, it would be two people- one a little harder because for God’s sake, s/he should have known better- ingrate, conniving b****. Seriously, how do you sleep at night? It’s something a lot of us want to know. All those years of bullshit one had to put up for person in question, defending against people who, gasp, really couldn’t stand *** and smiled at **** direction behind grit teeth. Ah. But knowing that is my satisfaction. With ignorance, fools will remain fools, and that’s all there is to it. Vent done.-Rant on Stupid People Over-


One Response to “The Little Stupids That Lurk Around Us”

  1. Oooooh Ooooh I saw that stupid post too. I must, I must. This is what I would say to anyone who would write a post like that:

    “The biggest irony about this world, is that two-faced bitches see their own reflections in the people they want to be most like. People they wish they had the courage to be like. People they know they can never be. They look at them, and their sub-conscious shows them their own reflection instead of the person that they know they can never ever be, no matter how much hair they cut, how much threading they do, how much nonsense they wear. Ugliness always shows. In one way, if not the other. In some people it shows in EVERY way. No wonder.

    Each of us has a story. Some of us cut up stories to join them up with other stories. Some of us learn to stick with one story. Some of us think that asking permission justifies cutting and pasting of stories. Some of us believe that after a story is cut, it is okay to paste it with another.

    We must learn to live with what WE are. Not try and become someone else, that we never ever can be.

    Because if you do, all you see is a reflection of yourself, the real thing you want to run away from. To have to live with such an ugly inner self is so painful. I can imagine. To live with friends who are equally ugly, my goodness. When the pain gets too much, we start to see our own ugly reflection in the faces of the poeple who we can never be.

    Poor thing.”

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