My Perfect Birthday.

Now. It’s a good thing I had an amazing start to my birthday so nothing much can dampen my floaty mood, despite below-mentioned atrocity. First, SH made me drive over to his place to collect his synthesizer and laptop and made me wait and wait in the car. For over 45 mins. But it was okay since there was some good music. It was all a little sneaky and suspicious but I never thought it would be anything bigger than my family’s usual practice of arranging the cake and wishing me at midnight

When we finally got back to my place my parents were all dressed up waiting to go for a ‘mid-night’ movie. Then my dad told me to take the synthesizer stand from my room and as I swung open my door, there in the dark, huddled around a cake topped with TWENTY-THREE candles, were my most favourite people in the whole wide world. I was so stunned. It was truly beautiful. I mean this were the people who stood with me through everything.

Shan who shares the same birthday as me also got his cake. And we cut it together. Damn. If I knew earlier, I would have at least spritzed some make-up on my face. :P It was really good fun. We ordered a silly movie called Slither- it was one of those B-grade gore/disgust fest with some comedy. hahahahha It was hilarious, and the boys squealing and “argh-ing”. I think the girls were just stunned into ultimate disgust. hahaha We had a Pizza-McDonalds-KFC feast. Then we all played Taboo with my parents included- which was also hilarious.

After some of them left, the rest of us decided to just chill out. Made a few of them my ahem, amazing Baileys-Chocolate Milkshake, which Drink Boy thinks is too sweet, but I think perfect! :P According to Puvan’s suggestion, we played Old Maid (yes, I have the deck) and the game was going nowhere. It was so funny! We just passed and passed cards till Sid declared the game over. But the real fun started after we played Bluff and Heart Attack. My God.. It was bloody hilarious. I laughed till I snorted. And like how all stay-overs evolve, after 3, our cards were placed down, and we started exchanging ghost stories. All because of Shan’s recollection of the movie “It”. Shiiiit, that is one freaky movie. My brother and I till this date are scared of clowns because of that traumatising film. We used to be the only ones who freaked out at birthday parties because of clowns. Anyway, we were too tired for breakfast by the time it was six in the morning, and the terrific night came to a close.

I can’t thank SH and Sid enough, and all my other darlings for this. My birthday still isnt over as I have another dinner at an undisclosed place with my family and my little girls’ family. Always have so much of fun with them as well, so am really looking forward to this. Well, need to paint my nails and prim myself. ;) Later!


4 Responses to “My Perfect Birthday.”

  1. Happy birthday dear Priestess, have fun!!! :)

  2. Happy Birthday Meera!! Im glad you had such a lovely time! =)

  3. haaapppppppyyyyy birthday babbbbeee!!!!

  4. Figarao & Ambiga & Mel:
    Thanks you guys!! *hug* :)

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