Time Machine.

I wish I had the key.
A golden key, that winds back time.
The delicate clockwork, that will stop with a click
And then slowly tick back.

I will watch, with quiet amazement
The past year of my life
Images of love and pain, laughter and tears
Of dark clouds and stinging memories

There will be doors that close and open
People who walk out and in
My life like a little storm
Bad weather- with tiny rainbows that show themselves

If I had the key, I will go back to the time
Where my breath got knocked out of me
Where my nights and days merged
And days became weeks that became months

I will stand there, strong and slow
Take each little piece and blow the dust
Piece it back to what used to be me
And sew up the burst seam that tore when I did

Very quickly and cleverly, I will do what I said
My life would be smooth, quiet and neat.
But alas, I have neither key, nor a strong heart
And its time now to….

6 Responses to “Time Machine.”

  1. if you wrote this.. it is amazin .. painful but real good..

  2. :) i did. thanks, s’heart.

  3. If indeed you had such a key,
    You’d be able to go back and see
    The person, the life that you used to be.
    And the people with whom you were a ‘we’

    Then thankful, relieved and happy you’d be,
    To realise that now you are only a ‘we’
    With people and friends and such family
    Who will love you so very unconditionally.

  4. That, was very sweet, s’heart. *hug*
    I am thankful, relieved and happy. :)

  5. and I like ugly bug’s version too .. hopeful .. yay..

  6. thanks d! =)

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