Grapefruit & Pinkness.

Guess what made the Highpriestess very, very, very happy today?……


 Sitting pretty on my bathroom shelf now.
And I’m going to go to work smelling and feeling pretty tomorrow morning and the whole day throughout. :)


The Highpriestess is so happy, she is speaking in third-person.

4 Responses to “Grapefruit & Pinkness.”

  1. you are such a girl :) by the way I like your new looks… Blog that is, for I can’t see that far… :)

  2. sweetie…the highpriestess is so thrilled she goes from third person to first person & then back to third person…the range is gorgeous though, did u get them all??

  3. Nainee nainee boo boo
    i got vanilla perfume

  4. François Cordeau: I am a girl! :) but i really have to grow up still i feel. i just bought four compromising books- 1) The Secret World of Fairies 2) The Secret World of Unicorns 3) Carters’ Fairytales 4) The Ladies of Grace Adieu :|

    Raji: ohgod. I just realised that! :) The range IS absolutely gorgeous. Got the Pure lotion, bathgel and lip balm. It was a set. Didn’t get the scrub and the bodybutter.

    uglybug: heehee i want Grapefruit body mist. need to suggest to them. ;)

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