Either that, or I’m too tired to think.
Work, dinner plans, home, or, Work, slack at home.
I love my life.
Job’s great. I go crazy at Borders. Good dinners.
Can’t ask for more.
Then you realise something, slowly the trivial worries that used to rule your world start to disappear subtly.
For example, a nitwit who once threatened to ruin my reputation by telling the truth.
I mean, go on. Really. I don’t care anymore. I just don’t care anymore. (Other than the fact that it came off looking very, very stupid to people and unbecoming of the said nitwit’s age and persona.)
Maybe it’s because I’ve seen the worst bullshitting anyone can do, and after the shock, nothing else shocks you as much anymore.
And when you really have a job, don’t have time to think, busy with the nation’s defence (*cough*) and are surrounded by family and friends who love you and care for you, nitwits and the like are equivalent to the scum of the planet. The ones you really don’t care for. It’s sad when you reminiscent but it stops there. And you’re busy again.

There used to be a time of course, when your adoloscent angst and rage acts out. Can’t bear that people are gossiping about you. Wonder why creatures like that actually exist. But then, as you grow older, you stop giving a damn. It’s funny. I’m not sure if it’s age, or if its just me.

Advice to those wrought with problems such as the above: Stop, take a deep breath, evaluate (since sometimes there just isnt smoke without fire), if unjustified, chin up, stomach in, laugh at the stupidity then walk on.

Met up with one of my close friends the other day.  Told her something that I believe in. I can’t judge you for leading your life the way you have. People make mistakes, they learn, they move on. What I can’t stand are bullshitters. These are people who make mistakes and then justify themselves with bullshit that only their mirorr images will agree with.

:) Then again, life would be much less interesting without the above-mentioned. Again, I’m tired and am off to bed.


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