Growing up & Shopping.

Other than certain events that have transpired over the past few days to completely irritate the hell out of me (I am so pissed, I could launch a canon filled with rotten pig guts and dead fish to a couple of faces), there is an important decision that I have to make about my life.

Ah. Choices, choices, choices that will change the course of my life.
I don’t know which path to take. The safer, stable one?
The little riskier one that I am interested in?
Or risk losing both?

I don’t like making decisions.
It gets a little taxing on the brain sometimes.
(unless it’s deciding on launching that canon. that’s an easy-peasy decision.) :S
P.S: How can I forget??? Drove to Vivocity with Mom and SH yesterday for the Grand Opening. Just to watch fireworks actually. But I am completely addicted to the place. Completely. It’s consumer’s paradise. A shopper’s heaven. A haven. Ok, ok, you must get the drift. The place is so huge and interestingly designed, I can understand what the hype is all about. Even before the opening, I was trotting in and out of the place to take in the new shopping-mall smell. Guess (Handbags after Handbags after Handbags!). GAP. Bebe. This new chic, easy on the pocket place, Fashion City. Bought a spanking new suit. Great for the work place. What else? Oooh! Body Shop! (a little small but yes.) L’Occitane! La Senza! And more! More! More!

Moving on. But yesterday was fantastic. An opening ceremony to match the place. The fireworks seemed better than National Day’s, and the view was unblocked and breath-taking, right above Sentosa. Yours Truly took a one minute video clip of the fireworks, only to accidentally delete it. (Ugh!) But there are a couple of few-seconds clips to compensate my viewing pleasure, but arghhh. Well, that’s about it. Time to scoot! (Oh no. Just remembered about that decision. Crap. I lost sleep over that last night. And I’m losing precious brain hours now. Crap.)


4 Responses to “Growing up & Shopping.”

  1. riskier one..

  2. I’m thinking of that as well… but what if I lose both? :(

  3. then another one would come by .. and u werent meant for it both .. and since I am assumin we are talkin about jobs and not more precious things like love, family or friends.. I say the riskier thing..

  4. things got a little easier for me. the riskier one wasn’t worth it. :) I am very happy now! hehe thanks, s’heart.

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