Lesson #08 of The Girlfriends’ Guidebook

***News has travelled, and apparently people couldn’t handle the heat and lives were at stake with my previous post. So this is the censored version. *jeez* Still, a post for the Guidebook cannot be totally ignored. So, a general guideline sans comments. Enjoy.

Ten Tell-Tale Signs That Your Significant Other Is A Cheating

1) You suddenly feel detached from him.

2) He takes more than usual care of his appearance.
(Again, for my paranoid sisters out there, it could be a possibility he has secretly read your Style magazine and is trying to impress you. Remember, these signs should all happen together plus your little voice in your head to have a little suspicion.)

3) Sudden Change in Personality

4) The Handphone
Messages receieved are immediately deleted and phone calls are hastily answered and phone conversations carried out away from you. 

 5) Details become fuzzy.
This is your clear signal. Suddenly he cannot remember who he hung out with. He cannot remember where he hung out.

6) Lies, lies and more lies.
Totally fictious stories made up, good enough for Tamil cinema.

7) He turns the table on you.
MY DEAREST GIRLFRIENDS. I cannot begin to emphasise why you should NEVER put up with this behaviour. If you have just grounds to talk to him about your concerns, your man should NEVER turn the table on you and accuse you of being paranoid, or worse, cheating on him instead. That smacks of his insecurity and fear of being found out. So to take the spotlight off him, he will direct your fears onto yourself and make you feel like you are the psychotic, paranoid girlfriend going whacko on him. C’mon, if he loved you truly, number 1, he would not be indulging in the above-named activities numbered from 1-5. And number 2, even if he was only really busy at work, he will take the time to alleviate your concerns and assure you that everything is alright, and not to be silly, and gives you a great big hug and makes up for his lack of attention and utterly bad behaviour with a day off from the week to just spend ‘quality time’.

8) Evidence & Grounds for Suspicion

9) Friends’ Evidence.
Yes, don’t listen to useless talk about how your man is a playboy, but when he says he is busy at work and is instead somewhere else, FIGHT or FLEE. I suggest Flee. Why fight for a scumbag after all you’ve given?

10) He starts badmouthing you.
True scumbag behaviour. Starts talking rubbish about you and your philandering ways when he actually got jiggy with someone else smack during the relationship.

Look out for these tell-tale signs. They are very, very important. If your man changes suddenly, look out. Don’t ignore your inner voice. Not ignoring it is as important as not being over-paranoid. And please, don’t EVER buy the rubbish from anyone that you drove them to cheat and seek greener pastures. What? You constantly abuse your man by kicking him in his shin and spanking his bum with a lighted torch? Or you swindle his money and go spend it to please your Sugar Daddy? Don’t buy that crap. If the relationship was so awful to begin with, have the damned decency to end it.

Cheats are so awfully, awfully, awfully disgusting and infuriate me to to end. Look out, and chin up. The natural tendency is to feel you’re not good enough, but (Arun’s imput) chances are, you were too good for him and he couldn’t keep up. Get a hot man, to match your hot talent, girlfriend. You were made for far more better things. And you shall not be lied to and made a fool of. That’s someone else’s job. But I guess the most hurting thing is that how people can change, just. like. that.



10 Responses to “Lesson #08 of The Girlfriends’ Guidebook”

  1. *sulk* the uncensored version had more effect!

  2. Ten signs that I concur with. How come you didn’t coem up with this three years ago woman? Bleagh. To even think about those times when I blamed myself entirely…*shudder*

    I missed the uncensored version, mail it to me, I want to read it.

  3. Meera,
    Y bother abt people? This is your blog. Anyway I read your uncensored version & I don’t see why that should offend people UNLESS they feel guilty after reading it!

    P.S: Pls dun delete my comment…hehehe

  4. *hugs* how u doing babe? long time no hear..take care ya!

  5. ambiga: i KNOW. but duty called. actually no, a pain in the butt did. hahahaha

    raji: I should have. But I only recently recieved the technical know-how. Shall e-mail you the original one. And brief you on the mele and drama that followed. Aiyoh.

    madhu: I don’t usually bother about people I don’t care about, but they got too close to home and irritated the heck out of me. I’ve to take action soon. And no, I don’t delete comments, unless they’re racist and are potential word wars. I do agree on people getting all knotty cos of their guilt and insecurity. But that’s another story for another day. *hug* thanks anyway, girl! :)

    lavathena: I’m doing great, baby! Hope you are too. *huggg*

  6. wahahahahahaha

  7. ho ho ho will suit the current festive spirit.
    but i guess for an added touch of sarcasm,
    wahahaa etc. suits just fine.

  8. HEY THE censored version killed me name!!
    And I say sustained too.(i’m the judge too)

    Now your goin to coddle me right?? Yay.


  9. I object too! Unfortunately, this bothers one person so much and has in turn bothered my life, so I had to make amendments which is ridiculous since I can splash names and lie if I want to through my teeth since it’s my space anyway. Again, unfortunately, I have too much class for that. Not to mention responsibility. :| I will make reference to you shortly! Once you write about free speech on the internet. heh heh heh

  10. hahaha will do ;)

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