Lesson #07 of the Girlfriends’ Guidebook.

How To Deal With Rumour Mongor-ing 


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I’m writing this because I have heard of too many dear girlfriends suffering a similar fate. So take heed!

Every chic, hot, fortunate girlfriend is familiar with this. You are so good and so famous and so interesting and your life is so juicy, that it is always up as conversation fodder and is always a hot topic. There is this strange thing about relatives. It is a little annoying.
I’m sure I don’t speak for myself.

The funniest thing is that everyone wants to one-up the other, even though there is absolutely no basis, or the other scenario being, comparison is just way out of line. Other than this, it is the absolute involvement in other people’s lives which is of no concern to them. What I don’t understand is that if you are so concerned about someone, would you not speak to them personally? Honestly, what is there to fear?

I have come across so many rumour mongers in my whole life, that I am absolutely tired of it. Nothing much rattles me anymore. (as many of you know, I have heard enough to last me fifteen lifetimes.) From friends, to close friends, to not-so-good friends, to the ex, to ex-friends and of course to the relatives. Infact, when I hear rumours, I sympathise and laugh a little. Then you realise that once they have run out of things to talk about, they’ll either a) make up a fictional tale on how you ran away to Timbaktu and got hitched to a shepherd or b) make cruel, unneccesary, malicious jokes to soothe their sorry egos. See. Either way, why care?

It’s good to have a sense of humour because you know, in the end, that you yourself don’t give a crap about someone else’s life since all that matters to you is that of your loved ones and of course, of yourself. This of course comes after years of exposure to said rumour-mongers. See, never trust someone who bitches about someone else infront of you. Because you know, they’ll probably be doing the same about you.  And the only reason they have so much to say, is because they have some sort of insecurity about themselves. C’mon, chica, not everyone is as hot and interesting as you! Be flattered you make conversation headlines.

However, this is not to say that I hate my relatives. I don’t have the habit of hating. Because if you hate, it means you still care. (courtesy of DH) I love some of them to bits and am very protective, and some, well, just amaze me from time to time. I have been called stuck-up, self-righteous and even wealthy. It is funny, because most of my friends know that is not true. (Of course, some do concede that I have a slightly stuck-up, attitudal face. But hey, I was born with it!!!)

Here’s a shout out to all those who are facing a barrage of troublesome, meddlesome people.  I know of a few girlfriends who are facing this problem. I say, fuhhhhhget it. Refer to two posts ago, D’s comment. No matter where you’re gonna be, no matter who you are with, no matter who you’re not with, no matter if you study hard or play hard, no matter if you have a terrible dress sense or a fantabulous one, people who are chockful of insecurities will still find something to occupy themselves with. You know, conversation inspira. And if you find yourself being that one too many a time, girlfriend, you must be something. Feel flattered. And take pity. (they arejust jealous no one talks about them and their sorry lives. ;) )And yes, laugh your guts out. This is what I have learned to do. Laugh. And don’t, ever, ever, ever forget this gem of a quotation I have conveniently placed for you below. Every strong-willed, confident, intelligent female, shall abide and remember this, always.:

Great minds discuss ideas.
Average minds discuss events.
Small minds discuss people.

-Eleanor Roosevelt (that’s why she’s my inspira. ;) )

Warning: Please be conversation fodder for the right reasons. (Don’t expect to be a raving drunkard, drug-addict, rapist, murderer and get away with it. That’s so not.. hot.) PLUS, please don’t give in to the temptation to carry tales, it is downright tacky. It just smacks of an utter lack of class and insecurities. Even better? Ignore it when you find yourself on the receiving end of another story of someone else. Change the topic quickly. (Eg. “OMG! Your blouse/skirt/pants/tattered toga is oh-so-pretty! Did you make it yourself???”) Now. Excuse moi (pronounced “mwah” and not “moi” as I have overheard some rather horrifying articulation of this word), while the Highpriestess goes back to her champagne and strawberries.


5 Responses to “Lesson #07 of the Girlfriends’ Guidebook.”

  1. see.. I totally believe tt if pple talk about u .. they are flatterin u ..cos u live the kinda life tt pple only dream of.. feel the kinda love they only read in books.. and are adored in the way only royalty is .. :) .. I am sorry.. I am very full of myself it corresponds with the amt said about me.. woo hoo ..

  2. Nallavanukku Nallavan Says:

    Hi MEERA!! Finally a comment from an ardent fan of your Blog.

    Eleanor Roosevelt is your inspiration? Interesting. Do you know that when the rest of the United States was abandoing India for Pakistan during the early 1950s, as the US and USSR were dividing the world into their Cold War spheres of influence she was one of the few voices saying that it was better to support India. Of course the US miscalculated and supported Pakistan But yeah, extra reason to like Eleanor Roosevelt because she supported India!! (Sorry for the brief history lesson).

    And yes, don’t give a rats ass about naysayers. As I like to say, if we try to make everyone else happy, we won’t be happy! (Punch dialogue of the day).

  3. d: hehehe yes babe! looks like I am full of myself too! But I think it’s time I really be full of myself since word on the street is that I am. So. Ha. Ha. Ha. :)

    nallavanukku nallavan: it’s been ages hasn’t it been not? :) One look at your nick and I know who you are. hehe Well, one more reason to adore Roosevelt then! She’s one heckuva woman. Naysayers. A sad part and parcel of our life, but with friends like you, why do I need to care? ;) mwah.

  4. yes.. I am exams tommorrow.. I am brain dead.. my brain tissue IS STUNNED

  5. d: aw, girl, don’t worry! don’t fret! persevere! Quitters never win! Winners never quit! ;) It’ll be over in a flash, really.

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