Slowly but surely you start getting that all-too familiar feeling again.
The one that eats quietly at your soul, like an emotional cancer that won’t go away.
You shove it to the back of your head, but it forces itself up to the surface again.
Tired, tired, tired.
People and their mouths.
When will they ever shut up? When will other people’s lives cease to become a source of entertainment? When will they mend their own lives first before trying to ruin others? The funny thing is, it is terribly immature and sad. If your intentions are that pure and good, you should come up to me instead, and show you care. Instead of passing word around. I mean, what are you trying to prove?

I have digressed.
Soul, eaten away. Quietly.


4 Responses to “Drained.”

  1. heyy..just wanted to ask how the prices at Marrakesh are… Is it pricey?

  2. and i hope you feel better soon… dont let others get you down… words are just words after all… cheer up…

  3. and sometimes thousands of kilometres doesn’t help either.. but what I have learnt to understand is yes pple talk.. but when u do nothing they talk too ..
    it’s like when u talk to him u are with him .. when u don’t u are secretly with him .. so chin up ..

  4. annonymous: Marrakesh is not very pricey. Quite standard. and thanks for the comfort. :)

    d: tell me about it. they could be on planet jupiter, but they will still talk. thanks, girl. i can’t agree with you more. :)

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