Pure, Unadulterated Annoyance.

I’m not a freedom fighter.
I know I am of a minority race and I accept that.
Over the past nearly 23 years, I have also grown to accept the problems that come with being a part of a minority race.
This being of no fault of mine. I didn’t choose to be born into a minority race. It wasn’t a choice. It was a choice that was made by my forefathers. Fathers like many others from other races who decided to make Singapore their home.

I’m glad that choice was made, because regardless of the problems that come with being non-majority, I feel blessed to be born here.Again, this is regardless the things that I have had to endure.

Examples include being called Apu-neh-neh in school and by kids who point in glee with their parents doing nothing with their silence except to encourage this mindless name calling. (what the hell is Apu-neh-neh?)
Another thing was being called Blackie and then accused of soaking my hair in coconut oil that apparently stinks but that has now been popularised by The Body Shop. I don’t see any upturned noses and looks of contempt when people sniff the Coconut Bodybutter. Bottom line is I never used coconut oil. Yes, not even Olive Oli. My dry, brittle, hay-like hair now is proof of this non-habit. I also got comparatively bad service throughout my life, just because I don’t speak Singlish very well or understand their Mandarin-Hokkien dialects.
Other problems also included things like the difficulty of getting a job. Since I’m not effectively billingual, even though I speak English and Tamil. (When I once duped that I can speak Mandarin, the recruiter asked me directly if I was Chinese. I said No, and she promptly said Sorry, Thank You and hung up.) But hey, my bad.

So, tell me if it’s alright if I get just a little pissed and annoyed at a glorified self-confessed cam-whoring blogger who whines about a pre-cooked prata cum bad service for just one day in her entire life? Hey. Taxis constantly skip me but stop for another passenger standing ahead of me. What is she talking about? What rattled me terribly was that she happily went on to say how warm pratas were served to (*suprise surprise*) other Indians. Just so she knows and gets it to her numb, ignorant skull, it is standard practice that pre-cooked pratas are packed for take-aways, since they can go and heat it up themselves at home. I get it. So do my other friends. However, if you are a customer, and you are going to eat it on the spot, you do expect warm ones. If you wanted to have a warm prata in the first place, maybe you should have convinced your meat-ball loving friends to eat pratas instead. And miss, your bloody annoying act-cute mannerisms won’t get you anywhere far for too long. (I am still reeling from disgust that she declared acting cute a bit to ask for warm prata. Ugh. Grow Up Woman! You represent the best of Asian bloggers, remember?) And then she writes a self-claimed Nationalistic post about foreign workers and how we have to be protected by the perverted ways. Granted. But generalising the whole community because of a few bad hats is a little too much. The truth is many of them are terrified of being caught by policemen here. They have huge loans to pay off and families to support, and know that getting entangled with the law here is going to leave them in trouble and in deep debts.

(A passing thought. Hey, aren’t we all bastard practitioners of the English language? We are still colonised and enslaved. That doesn’t stop you from writing in this language which is not yours and going on to winning awards. I wonder what the English feel about protecting their language from dim-witted practioners like you?)


How can she be so glorified and ignorant at the same time?? How can she write for publications?? How! How! How? She obviously seems like the most self-centered person I have come across in my entire life.(Don’t ask me to “Get to know her” for I feel your writing reflects a huge part of you, and uhm, after that experience, nah.) Her English.. well, let’s not even go there. And her constant swearing. One visit was enough to make me throw up a little, and then once more. Am I really the only one who feels this way?

(Don’t ask me why I have not whined about this on her comments page. Hey. I don’t want to be lambasted by her hoarde of other mindless, mind-numbingly ignorant fans. How utterly terrifying.)

11 Responses to “Pure, Unadulterated Annoyance.”

  1. You are definitely not the only one who feels this way Meera. Those publications which have hired her simply based on her overwhelming blog statistics fail to realise is that a visit to her comments page would show that 99.99% of her supporters are mindless minions who would eat mud if she said it tasted good.

    Oh and dont even bother putting up a comment, cause i know she deletes any intelligent sounding comment written against her.(i got one of mine deleted.She only seems to keep the ones which sound stupid so that the whole world gets the impression that her detractors are dumb) Pfft!

  2. i swear u are not the only one who feels that way. I personally think she is a disgrace to the country. cant say much about her character coz i “dont know her.” all i know is her articles and publications are not worth my time. its despicable really. her immature and disgusting prejudices clearly reflect her pristeen character and maturity.

    *hugs* dear. take care and keep in touch ya.:)

  3. i know who ur talking about. and i do not like her. not one bit. i wait eagerly for the day her readership goes down to almost zilch. people will realise the extent of her ignorance soon.

  4. ambiga: I completely agree with the mindless minions aka fans. I mean, have you seen it?? HEY I HAVE A SPLENDID IDEA. Let’s set up a common nick for us all. Maybe something like, XXXX SuperFAN! and then write syruppy sweeet comments that the dumb fake-blonde will accept but we will have the final laugh, since we read between the lines!! that would be hilarious.

    lavathena: ditto! we have a disgrace who is being glorified. now which is the actual disgrace here…? sigh.

    sangeeta: im not sure, girl. Her fans seem unable to get enough of her. As long as there are stupid people, there will be brainless dictators.

  5. Ok set. Our nick will be I love *insert name of disgrace*!

    We can comment and praise everything abt her..right from her dyed to death hair to her fake eye lashes to her 10 inch platforms!

  6. While the blogger-in-question’s cam-whoring & acting cute is absolutely irksome, her writings absolutely disgust me no end. That the mainstream media & her following of sheep-in-human-skin worship her & her writings seems utterly inane to me – there is neither substance nor sincerity, sense nor sanity in her writings – & I just generally stay away from her blog.

    Having said that, I am in two minds about her blog. Although I know her writings are not technically seditious, that her blog goes unchecked is unacceptable, for her comments & views on groups of people in our society are, at least, caught on by mindless-followers, & at worse, they could have volatile consequences.

    On the other hand, blogs are one of the few *ahem* means of freedom of expression of thought. Her views are her views. They have their set of supporters & detractors, but there are nonetheless her views. And it is my view that she should grow up, take a step back & read the garbage she blogs, & think about other people before she blogs. I’m sure my view would also have its supporters & detractors. I wouldn’t want my view censored, how can I call for her’s to be censored in fair mind?

    As much as I would like to rid the blogosphere of her views, I can’t call for censorship of her blog or action against her without lighting a funeral pyre for freedom of speech & expression of thought. The most I think we can ask from her is for maturity in writing & regard for the senses of others, especially those she writes of in all the generalisations that plague her blog, if we want any amount of free speech & thought left.

    Which is the worse of the evils? Her writings or the extinction of free speech & thought?

  7. Babe, I am with you on this one hundred percent. It’s amazing how stupid some people are, and what’s worse is that they get paid it! And dear god, Nothing, and I mean nothing pisses me off more than spoilt ******* brats who whine about the one moment in their lives that they were not treated as kings and queens of this country. What the f*** do these people know about discrimination? Slam her High Priestess, and make it good. We’re with you. Her mindless minions won’t be able to do much at all. You are after all a nunder times smarter, more articulate and just way cooler than any of them

  8. Raji: I know where you’re coming from. The thing that irritates me and enrages me is not that she is not being censored, but the fact that she is glorified by the media. Why would you promote something that is bad for health? For example, the media certainly does not promote smoking or drinking, for they pose great health risks. But I think, we should be protected from intellectual and mental degradation that can arise from reading her blogs! You know what I mean? There are a thousand blogs out there, and I’m not stopping anyone from writing anything on their own blogs, but why must the most dumb-est, ignorant and discriminatory one be glorified? That is the main issue I have with her and the media. It is sad really. Are they really telling us that she is the best blogger we have in Singapore and worst, in Asia? What kind of message is this? What would young aspiring writers look up to???? The horror.

    Music: Babe, sorry I had to edit it out a bit. Just in case I don’t get a job because of this. heh heh. :| I KNOW! She gets paid. Oh. She’s getting her own TV show. Hey. Let me throw up for a bit now.

  9. I think its true that censorship of blogs would put an end to freedom of speech. But i think that is for regular bloggers. Bloggers who geta minimal number of readers, mostly made up of their friends and blog voyeurs. But the PINK HORROR is actually earning from her blog. She advertises on her blog and makes money from it. By doing this, she is acknowledging the fact that she wants her blog to be read by as many people as possible. If this is the case, i think she has lost the right to blog whatever she wants. She should retain a modicum of responsibility and consider the effects of her words on the people (esp teens) who are exposed to her blog.

    Just my 2 cents worth ;)

  10. Meera: I agree that the glorification of the blogger-in-question by the mainstream media is absolutely in poor taste & tact. For a nation that prides itself on “being the best” & procuring the best talents, the media has evidently failed to celebrate truly worthy bloggers & has rather decided to celebrate one who personifies ignorance, insensitivity & profanity. It is shameful.

    Ambiga: I see your point that the sheer commercialism of her blog requires her responsibility & agree wholly with you on that she really ought to consider the consequences of her words on her readership, regardless of whether her writings are worthy of such readership or not.

    However, I beg to differ on the point that censorship of blogs should not apply to bloggers who receive a lower readership than the blogger-in-question does, or those whose readership consists of mainly friends & acquaintances. It is my view that censorship, the existence or lack thereof, should apply equally to all bloggers, without concern for who the readers are, what relation they are to the blogger or the quantity of readers. If we were to take such factors into account when applying rules and extents of censorship, not only will that censorship have no actual value, but such application would be discriminatory in itself.

    Yes, bloggers who know their writings are well read ought to actively exercise careful thought & sensitivity in what they write – almost as though they owe their readers sensibility, maturity & inclusiveness – but that is not to say that lesser read bloggers may go ahead & write what they wish without care for who may read or be influenced by their blogs. Responsibly writing has to be taken up equally or else censorship has to be meted out equally, I think.

    Oh dear…I’ve gone & typed another essay haven’t I?

  11. amibga & raji: ooh! nice one guys. quite interesting to see how our views on censorship vary. well, i guess that’s why the MDA is around. but ah, that’s another story all together, isn’t it not? :)

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