Whirlwind of Things.

A little hiatus from the blogosphere, I can see.
But my absence can be justified.
Just been caught up with a great deal of things.
There is the tussle between career development or education furthering or a mix of both.
Sometimes we come to a crossroads and we are forced to make a decision that will change our lives forever. It is all the more frightening when we know that this decision will determine the course of our lives and is usually irreversible since we can’t possibly turn back time. (at least with current science and technology) So… I guess I am caught smack in the middle of this process, thus have been a little caught up.

The SH also decided to indulge the little girl in me who was dying terribly to fight her way out.
Had a very nice afternoon the other day complete with a bubble set, a multi-coloured hand-held windmill, and a gooey rubber Strawberry filled with water and that could squish this way and that. The Strawberry grossed him out at first, but then he entertained himself with a little game by throwing it onto the metal bars of the swing I was swinging from and watching it slide down. *heh heh heh* And then we watched planes.

I can feel myself growing up. I really can. It is so strange.
Suddenly, I don’t really feel like clubbing much and have turned down a couple of invitations. I’d much rather chill at a lounge where there is soft, jazz music and sip on some sparkling Rose wine. I suddenly appreciate music from way back then and can actually appreciate the same music as my parents. *gasp*

For the past 10 months, I’ve been into gold jewellery (no, not the Little India Goldsmith kind), but normal, everyday jewellery in rose gold tones. For the first month or so, I thought it was a phase. But this preference has refused to budge. I actually cringe at silver jewellery. I just find it so… passe. I must be getting old.

Did I mention my expanding waistline and my terrible slow-down of my metabolic rate?



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