Of Carousels and the Curse of The Body Shop.

Only The Body Shop is capable of this.
A smart, poised, young woman walks into a shop determined to buy nothing but a cosmetic pencil sharperner worth $4.90 but walks out with 1)a gorgeous, ivory coloured aromatherapy pot, 2)Green Tea Home Fragrance and a 3)Metal Keychain (of which the profits go towards preventing domestic violence). Oh. And finally, 4)Cosmetic Pencil Sharperner.

Anyway. I think I entered heaven today.
I was at my favourite mall down in town. And of course the Christmas spirit is all up and cheery. (I love Christmas for simply materialistic and shallow reasons such as the magical light-ups and the presents.) I greatly respect the spirit and the season of giving, but since I am not of the religion, I am quite happy to partake in the enjoyment of the celebration in Orchard Road. :)

That being said. I was at my favourite mall. They had the my usual, favourite Christmas exhibition in the main forum, and I was finally united with the object of my desire of many, many years. A carousel. It was a truly beautiful carousel complete with music, and rotating horses and mirrors and a red and white striped fabric canopy at the top. It was so, so, so beautiful. I am terribly upset -that I cannot afford it. For all the searching I did everywhere over the past few years- in Singapore, in Australia, on the net, one finally turns up and is out of reach. How painful. Can I start a “Highpriestess Carousel Fund”?


OH. They also had other interesting, musical objects like miniature musical boxes, and a 3-D musical rhyme book. How so fairytale-ish and magical!!!!

Oh, ’tis the season to be jollllyyyy.. tra la la la laaaa la la la laaaaaa!
(I am quite sure my dream carousel is going to haunt my dreams tonight.) *sob*



2 Responses to “Of Carousels and the Curse of The Body Shop.”

  1. Don’t worry. I am sure you will not spend this Christmas without your carousel!:):)

  2. don’t try anything funny!! :)

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