Reminder to Self.

Raji made me do this. Good to re-examine my life. And yours too. :) The bit’s in red are starters bits to sentences you have to fill out.

I have a family who love and support me in everything that I do.
I have a tight network of friends who have always been there for me.
I have the blessings of God who has ensured I am safe and healthy. 
I have
a good education and a well-rounded life.
I have love.

Before I’m 20, dammit, too late for this one.
Before I’m 25, I want to know what I want in life.
Before I’m 30, I want to have a family of my own.
Before I’m 50, I want to have retired and to have supported my parents.
Before I’m 80, I want to have seen the world and look back at my life with a satisfied smile.

Family is life.
Friends are there to help you up when you fall, and bring you down when you start to float, and to remind you that it’s okay to make mistakes.
Marriage is
love, commitment and for eternity.
Failure is not picking yourself up after you fall.
Success is looking back at your life, and feeling fulfilled.

Money is something that makes the journey a little more easier.
Talk is nothing without action.
Thought is
important before any action.
Time is very, very precious and very under-rated.
Happiness is everything and anything that makes my world go round and my heart light and my smiles wide.



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