The world has no place for dreamers like me.

 Does it?


8 Responses to “Dreamers.”

  1. It does. Without dreamers, the world would be magic-less, steeped in reality & practicality to the point of impassive hardness, & devoid of the simple pleasures of the mind’s creativity.

    Without dreamers, we would have no discoveries, no adventurers, no artists, writers, dramatists or composers. Without dreamers, we wouldnt have fairy tales or nursery rhymes, epic fantasies or science fiction.

    Personally, I like being able to wonder if that iguana living in my garden, might one day, grow into a dragon.

  2. Raji: *hug* These are what friends are for. To remind their useless friends that they are indeed otherwise. hehe love you to bits.

    I wonder about when the flying fish will actually take off and join the migrating birds.

  3. I know they are indeed otherwise..now when are they gonna stop referring to themselves as useles..hmmm…

    love u too hon!

  4. Raji: *hugggg* WHEN I GET A JOB! darn it. :| countdown to when you are goign to come back. days seem so longgg and endless. i feel perfectly lesbian now. hehehe

  5. For now u have more than one job woman. You are daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend & apparently part-time lesbian. Why owrry about one job when you’re got five already.

    Oh, & Meers…I love you as a friend & a sister, but really, we’re not taking this to a whole other level babes…

  6. Raji: LOL. oh go ahead. Break my heart. ;) Mwah.

  7. *ka ching*
    erm…that was the sound of glass breaking…not the sound of winning a jackpot machine….erm…

  8. Raji: ……………

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