Rudeness on Blogs.

Okay. I’m back from the little holiday hiatus. Not really over yet, since it is 21 minutes into Hari Raya Puasa! Yay! To all my Muslim friends, a very warm and blessed Selamat Hari Raya to you guys. Have a great day ahead! (What I really enjoy on this day is seeing families in matching Kebayas and suits. Cute.)

Unfortunately, I need to grouse a little. It is something I find hard to understand. Being extremely rude and vulgar on blogs. I mean, I don’t get it. I honestly don’t.The sad part of it is that some of these blogs actually are quite witty in their own right. There is some form of social commentary which would be quite interesting to read if peppered with a little intelligent wittiness. On the contrary, it is doused with so many !#$%^$#@ it gets so sickening to read, and I am immediately put off.

A few questions I would like to post to the said bloggers:
1) From where do you get the term ‘mofo’? Is it short form for ‘motherfucker’? But shouldn’t it be, “mofu” then? Oh sorry. I forgot you probably borrowed this term from one of those “hip hop till you don’t stop” MTV videos.

2) What is up with swearing so much that you construct every sentence around slotting a “fuck”, “fuck ya’ll, “motherfuckin'”? Is that how the “pimps” speak from your part of the “ghetto”? Perhaps the little adoloscent easily influenced boys from your friendly neighbourhood coffeeshop? And the girls…. some dear Indian girls… now you call yourself the “ho of the west side”? Maybe you’re trying to protect your real Malar/Vasugi/Mahalakshmi from Sembawang identity? (no offence to my Sembawang friends.. if you’re not part of the “ghetto” life that is)

3) Ok, this next one does not involve blogs alone but Friendster pictures as well. What is seriously up with taking photos with your middle finger as the main focus?? Worst of the crop, group photos with all the middle fingers up coupled with equally idiotic beaming faces filled with pride. What? Now you’re the Jesters of the Middle Fingers? Jeeeez.  That is one thing that realllllly irks me. Especially when the pictures are followed with captions as poignant as “Don’t mess with me/us.” Ugh. Oooooh. Look at the finger. Scary.

Okay. Grouse  over. Nothing much really. Of course, it is completely acceptable to swear on certain eventful days. Perhaps your dog ate your homework. Or your wife ran off with the mailman. Or people keep bugging you about your unemployment (had to put that in). Or your mom found your porn magazines under your bed. Or your teacher was going to send you to the Principal’s office to rotan your little bum for distributing illegal/porn VCDS. (lo and behold, some are actually proud to declare this on their blogs. I mean, okay you were the cool, frequent principal office’s visitor, but seriously, what was is in it for you that you need to share this? Life lessons?)

But who am I to say? It’s your blog. You like to swear. And the creative part of your brain finds it impossible to function without muttering “fuck you”-s every three words or so. Sadly, I moved on from these sites. The saddest part of it all was that there was actually something intelligent in those words. Swearing over the top makes people take you less seriously (that is if you really had a political/social commentary or statement to make in the first place).


(unfortunately, I cannot speak for myself because
I do swear. Ocassionally. ;) )

P.S: I came across this site. If you’re a virgin at swearing, have a go. If you are the ‘cool’ swearing types, learn more. Piss more people off with your wide vocabulary and impress the other cool dudes and dudettes. Presenting to you, The InsultMonger – The Art of Insults. Crap. Now they’ve marred the word, Art as well. You have got to check out the Tamil section of the Swearsaurus. It was so damn funny.  Mandarin one too. Ah, the pride and joy of our local insult communities. The funniest bit? People who are committed and passionate enough to maintain this Insultmonger website and update it constantly. (Disclaimer: Advertisements on this site may involve nudity, explicit or otherwise. I am not to be held responsible for your loss of innocence.)

P.P.S: I can’t help but keep editing this post. I keep remembering different annoying things about different blogs. I’m not even going to get started on the spelling. “Tiz = This” “V = We” “Da = The”. Some are so bad, when I stumble into it accidentally I wonder if it’s even written in English. I mean, I know you write for yourself, but then why do you say, “Oo, sO I 1 tYmE dUn UpDaYtE n Ya’LL wUn commentzzzzz. Haaaizzz… 4gEt MoI aLeAdiE LiAoZZ.” Honey. With your obvious French-English-numerical-Singlish sentences misspelt, it’s probably because they don’t understand anything, they aren’t commenting. Take a hint.

9 Responses to “Rudeness on Blogs.”

  1. hey meera,
    like your new layout!!!
    P.S: i also like your blog coz it is written in proper english.. with sufficient formatting n only adequate capitalisation…
    take care

  2. what a post!! great entry gal.. cldn’t agree any more, especially the portion where you mentioned how swearing only makes your readers take you less seriously. =)

  3. ibrahim: thanks! :) heh… hey, guilty as charged. However……sufficient and adequate is enough for a basic understanding of text. hee hee hee

    karthik: vattttaaa postttuuu, ai sayy! (my turn to destraay the yinglish laanguage) got that from a totally funny sms. i know! i mean, quite intelligent things, but covered in unnecessary filth, and we just pass it off as just that. sad.

  4. hmmm i swear quite a bit too…sniffz am i no longer welcome? *wails*

  5. mel: nooo! don’t be a dumdum! you are always welcome. i wasn’t talking about your type of swearing where it is out of pure frustration and i can see it. you know, those who just slot in a few “mofo”s and “fuck ya”, just to fill up the spaces in their words, and apparently brains. hehe you my dear, are always always welcome here! and don’t you dare disappear. we are still to bump into each other at another MRT station. ;)

  6. Well, I am flabbergasted! (i love that word). Well said and as for those unicellulars who can’t write properly and love to post trashy notes and comments all over the net I say f***’em… :)

  7. figaro: I am flabbergasted too! (and i love that word too. heehee it’s so long and flubbly and uhm yes. hehe) hahahah unicellulars!! good one. ;)this was quite a funny comment, i’m still laughing. :D

  8. hahahaha good to hear that ;)

    ahhh dumdum i havent heard dat in ages…

    hahaha i juz love reading ur blog!

  9. mel: *great big hugggg*

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