Festive Spirit & Blessings

It’s about one and a half hours till Deepavali, and the festive spirit is finally being roused. Dad and brother are at Tekka doing some last minute shopping. There is mutton curry on the stove, with terribly appetizing aromas wafting through my house. (Funnily, Deepavali is supposed to be celebrated with Vegetarian food, but uhm, I think the opportunity to stuff the stomach with good Briyani and curries overtakes the vegetarian rule.)

Mom and me are at home. Decorations are up. The new family portrait is up, me grinning away with the mortar board on my head. Deepavali cards that we have recieved are arranged neatly by yours truly. Some Tamil show is running on TV. Ah. The festival of lights is finally here. This uplifting spirit is what I have been waiting for. I thought it would never come.

Although the past few weeks have been mentally and emotionally tiring, and lives got literally rocked, it’s good to remain positive. I realise today that I will exchange nothing in the world, for celebrating this Deepavali with the ones I hold so dear to my heart and soul. It’s God’s blessings that we are all healthy, fit and most importantly, happy, no matter what curveballs life throws at us.

So, here’s thanks to that, and cheers to Lord Krishna/Rama(depending on where you come from) for overcoming the nefarious demon, giving us light and allowing us to count our blessings. And to remember to count them. :)

Happy Deepavali to all my Hindu friends!
And happy festive season to the rest of ya’ll who are gonna stuff your faces with Kueh and briyani. (Can’t wait for the Mutton Rendang next Tuesday. heeheehee.)

Hope all of you have found (or will find) the love and peace that I have been blessed with. *hug*
Happy Holidays!


7 Responses to “Festive Spirit & Blessings”

  1. wellwisher Says:

    Happy Deepavali Highpriestess.. have a good one!!

  2. u deserve a fantabulous deepavali meera. follow yr heart and fear not, for gods blessings are with you,always. so enjoy yrself babe.
    i’m just another wellwisher dropping by to say hello. :) i’ve been following yr blog for the past 3 years now..an avid fan of yr blog, no doubt.

    ps: since yr on a jobhunt now, i suggest u go try out http://www.jobsdb.com
    all you gotta do is post ur resume online and apply for current job openings. trust me, i was pretty skeptical about whether this method wld work, but it did! after applying, i got bout 3-4 calls frm some companies the very next day. so yup, u shld give it a shot too babe! lemme noe how it goes. tc now.

  3. wellwisher: thanks, dear! :)

    varnie: hey! thank you so much, i really appreciate this. for putting up with all those years of mindless raving. ;) *hug* i will definitely check out jobsdb. unemployment is sucky. no less. will update on that. :D thanks again, s’heart, and you have a good super duper long weekend too!

  4. Happy Deepavali Meera!! Hope you had a great day yesterday =)

  5. Happy Deepavali Meera!
    hope ur deepavali went well!

    m sure the wardrobe will work out eventually!
    take care

  6. aww,no problem dear. reading yr blog somehow makes me think about my life too.there are times when i totally find myself able to relate to yr entries. are u a piscean by any chance? hehe. :P

    i may not know u personally babe, but u deserve credit for being such an inspiration for others(eg:me!) have an awesome week aights. time to hantam ketupats,meera… it’s hari raya tmr! heehee!:D

  7. Ambiga: thanks dear! hope you had a great day!

    Ibrahim: hehe thanksss! i’m hoping the wardrobe will work out too!

    varnie: I think many of us go through very similar things, but think we are isolated, and thus go crazy thinking that we are the only freaks around. there must be a support group for people like us. and oh dear. *gasp* i’m a through and through Piscean!! Actually I’m a cusp. Sharing with Aquarius. Which makes me a thorough horoscopical mess, really. ;) Why? AND YAY! Ketupats!!! and thanks… i’m not really an inspiration, being quite a sorry mess, but well, at least ppl know through me that there are other sorry messes around other than themselves. hehe have a great day today, dear.

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