Time for the Highpriestess to be groomed.

Ah. I have a lot of things to do. Slobbing at home has more or less made me a slob, and a grooming session is way overdue. There is something important coming up next week and I have to prim myself up. Let me do a mental checklist.

[] Dye my hair a dark chocolate brown. (this usually never turns out the way I want it)
[] Go for a French manicure (I’m vaguely resembling the Ah-Soh’s husband with nails long enough to reach the deep crevices of his ear.)
[] Cut my hair, and do some general head housekeeping.
[] Get a good outfit (if I can’t find something suitable enough from my magic closet.)

Hmm. Done with the list for now. Again, will need constant updating, till the Highpriestess has her look perfected. Cough.


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