Wardrobe Makeover

I should be doing more work.
But I look at my exploded closet and I don’t know where to start.
It’s a funny thing, my closet.
WHen I go out and see a beautiful blouse, I try to remember if I have enough clothes, but only a few tops pop in my head, so I remember that I do not have enough, and I buy it.
Now that I have overhauled my entire closet, long lost blouses and tops seem to appear magically. I don’t have enough hangers and they are all of different colours anyway.
That’s the problem when you aren’t gainfully employed or enrolled in an educational institution. You want to be perfect in the little tasks that you set yourself to do.
I can’t make up my mind on what to throw away. I read once in a magazine that you should ditch whatever you have not worn for the past one year. But Arun shared some fashionista advice. He said, “The thing about clothes is that they usually come back in fashion…. in about thirty years.” He advised me not to wait. And I don’t think my waistline is going to wait for thirty years as well. But argh, it’s such a dilemma! What do I chuck? What do I hold on to and pray that it’ll be back in fashion??

I hate the mismatched coloured hangers. I want to buy a hundred of the same coloured hangers so that my closet will look pretty, like a shop.
I am also attempting to colour code my wardrobe. Starting from the left with Whites and ending on the right with blacks.

As you know, plans are always plans.
I don’t understand why I bother so much when I know that my perfected wardrobe, scented and primmed is going to become a mess in maximum about one month’s time anyway.

Oh. That’s right. I have nothing else better to do.


2 Responses to “Wardrobe Makeover”

  1. a month?? wow, that is good. i’m lucky if mine lasts a week :Þ

  2. vish: heh heh, well, let’s just say I’m trying to be optimistic. ;)

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