Mistakes that I have made.

When you are too bored out of your brains and your mind sits idle, you start to think of many things that are usually of no value. They also do not add value to your life. Most of the times, they subtract value in the sense of esteem when you realise what kind of idiot you have been over the past years. The good part of it all, is I suppose, you take away some sort of lesson from each of these mistakes. I’m going to list the mistakes I most regret and let’s see if I can reach any conclusion:

1) Trusting someone I shouldn’t have a long, long time ago, back when I was a kid.
2) Not playing/entertaining my brother more when we were younger. Those times never come back but it was a struggle choosing between makeup/dressup and power rangers.
3) Defending and sticking up for all the wrong people throughout my life, only to get it smashed back at my face. Ingrates. But no, this is my mistake.
4) Losing touch with good people I have met over the years.
5) Majoring in Psychology for the first year of Uni.
6) Falling in love with all the wrong people at all the wrong times, hurting quite a few other people at the same time.
7) Eating chocolate and ice-cream and lunch right after school and falling asleep right after that during Primary School, making me get rounder and rounder. Now I’m unable to shrug off those rounds.
8) Keeping very mum about the problems in my life.
9) Being a stubborn brat alot. ALOT.
10) Buying clothes/things on impulse when I have too many already.
11) Judging someone else without getting to know them first. (I rarely do this, but when I do, I usually regret it. So much for gut feeling.)
12) Shooting off my mouth without thinking.

Hmmm. Sigh. What have I learned from this? We all learn to move on.

P.S: I’m going to update this list as and when I can. Cos random things keep popping in my head.


3 Responses to “Mistakes that I have made.”

  1. I probably would be a cross-dresser by now because power-rangers were by far the most boring and pointless toys ever created :)

  2. I think I share most of the traits such as No 3, 4, 9, 12! Guess its woman thingie?

  3. Figaro: Uhm. Truth be told, I kinda enjoyed Power Rangers. I was glued to the TV quite a bit during those 1/2 hour monster-fighting Power Rangers shows. heehee. I was the Pink Power Ranger!! (i can’t believe I’m confessing here.)

    Rashika: haha… Well, at least I know I’m not alone and ain’t a freak of nature! ;)

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