The Trials & Tribulations of a Job Hunter

All through your University days, you heard horror stories from your graduated seniors.  The tough job market, the tough interviews, the horror job seeker’s nightmares. As they spoke, you listened silently. Sometimes, you silently thought to yourself that this will never happen to you. You will seek out actively and land the job of your dreams. You will be smart, capable, beautiful and will have no horror stories to tell.

Then, ta-da. Here you are. Sipping vegetable soup poring through stacks of the Recruit Section of the newspapers. It is supposed to be the best time to secure that job, yet your ego and dignity gradually erodes as the words good honours degree, minimum 2-3 years experience and billingual (prefably in Mandarin) flash infront of you page over page. What do you do? You bite your lip and think of stretching the truth a little in your Curriculum Vitae. The thought diminishes as soon as it appears. What good will it do infront of the Interview board? Are you underqualified for the jobs that you really want? Or overqualified for the job you need to have to get by day by day?

Truth be told, my job search has only just begun. I have not had any horrors yet, but the search is a little shop of horrors in itself.

The worst is trying to act smart, corporate, independent…worse, grown up.
….when you still feel that deranged little girl in you trying to fight her way out, thinking that the world out there is still made of pink marshmallow candy, rain, stars and angels.


12 Responses to “The Trials & Tribulations of a Job Hunter”

  1. Wait a minute, I thought you already had a job?? Or was that just a hobby?

  2. Yes, I had a job. I still do actually, but the folks at home aren’t too happy with. Thus, the search for a new, ‘stable’ one.

  3. alamak someone took the words rite outta my mouth. may i ask which industry are u aiming for if i have any lobang will let u know den?

  4. at the moment right now, i don’t have a huge preference for any industry. but of course something to do with event management, or teaching/lecturing, or editing… you know, things along that line.


  5. So, guessing you’ll be online again after about 3 months? As for getting a job, forget it, seriously. Go study! Life as a student is filled with relatively more fun (you can get drunk whenever you want).

  6. hahaha meanie. perhaps. or lesser. depends when you are online. you are as busy. hmmm. study huh. we’ll seeeeee. about the drunk bit, im not TOO sure about that ;)

  7. I have got to be a terribly useless student…esp since i’m studying in a country where sometimes alcohol is cheaper than soft drinks, & rarely ever drink alcohol at all! hmph…i want a muddy water now…bleagh….it’s not even 1pm & i want alcohol…

  8. Raji, my love! What has become of you?? OH MAN. You know what, I just got reminded of our Billy Bombber’s Bailey’s Vanilla Milkshake. Damn it. THat was damn damn damn good.

  9. It’s all that boy’s fault noe which boy I mean..he’s the reason for my potential alcoholism :P
    That milkshake was seriously good! *slurp*

  10. I know that boy. That boy. Tsk. The one with the theme song. hahaha, I think I need a tagboard. But I can’t seem to be able to upload it. Crap.

    P.S: Dreamin’ about the Milkshake now.

  11. im having problems with tag-boards again…can’t see them…floobles work though…and i cant comment on blogger blogs since i upgraded to blogger beta ( they’ve joined up with google now)…basically, if u get a tagboard, be nice to me, n get a flooble =)

  12. i’m having major problems with any codes! i can’t seem to work it here on wordpress. the codes come out as codes and I don;t know where to put it. i think this will hv to suffice for the moment. :(

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