Ice Skating Part I

I’m off to Malaysia to collect the tailored stuff!
Ahhhh. I’m so nervous. Will be back tomorrow.
But I really needed this mini-holiday. (not like I’ve been busy working my butt off, but still.)

Anyway, I forgot to mention that I went ice skating the other day with our respective significant others. It was heaps and heaps of fun esp. with me falling on my butt over and over, but it was fun! Have to update more.

In this short clip, we’re trying to attempt a new highly sophisticated skating technique. (amateurs, please do not try this at home.)
But the best part of it all, is my dear brother’s brilliance. The dialogue towards the end of the video goes something like this:

Me: Are you taking a photo?
Bro: No, video.
Me: But there won’t be light!!
Bro: (long, thoughtful pause) DAMMIT!

hahahahahahahahaha!! i so want to go ice skating again.


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