I Have A Stalker.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have an important announcement to make.
I may just have had my first stalker. (Theoretically, it would be the second.)
This is just plain… sad.
I mean first I get some dumb e-mail.
Second, I get stupid sms-es.
(That said, at least have the tech-savvyness of updating your Address book and not lifting my email address off yours or someone else’s MSN because that really narrows the list for me.)

Please. Straighten up, for heaven’s sake.
You absolutely ought to know by now that annonymity is terribly passé.
In simple English, out of fashion.
If you really have a point to make, give it to me straight up.
And if you want to entertain yourself, why not entertain me at the same time, and up your creative juices, because hon’, the whole annonymous email/sms twist is awfully outdated. I must add that I am a little flattered that I disturb you and affect you enough to tempt you to do silly things like these.

I am just sad that this person/s, has/have absolutely nothing else better to do in life other than engage in such pointless activity especially if it is aimed at disgruntling me. That makes me laugh a little. See, after what I have gone through with mind-numbingly stupid persons over the years, very little ruffles my feathers now.

Well, I hope at least one of us is having a blast because I certainly don’t care the least bit for it.
Give it up for the Highpriestess’ stalker!


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