Excess & Obsession.

It is a problem I think I have always had.
My dad always says I do things in excess.
And I think it is true. I love in excess, laugh in excess, eat in excess, diet in excess. It’s either I do it, or don’t do it at all. I haven’t hated in excess yet. Came close, but indifference kinda took over. I have come to realise that I have an excess when it comes to certain things that teeters close to obsession after the festive spring cleaning, where I recovered many items. I have realised that what sprang as a little fountain of desire, came tumbling down on me like the waterfall of obsession.

I lay the evidence. And am ashamed. Really ashamed.

bs1.gif = bs3.jpg  + bs2.jpg

el1.jpg           = el2.jpg

P.S.: Ah. The Body Shop. I have an illness. The moment something new and appealing hits the store, I have to have it. Must. And as for Estee Lauder… heh heh.. that was a gift from the SH. Either I am really psychologically unwell, or I am afflicted by the illness of the Shopaholic who goes bankrupt.


14 Responses to “Excess & Obsession.”

  1. nice new layout!

    i used to love body shop till my fren showed me the light in the states, Bath & Body Works, darling that’s where you go completely berserko. Its an awful disease. Do check out their webbie if you have time. vconcierge can help u buy stuff from there if u really wan ’em. Till den Somebody…STOP MEEEEEE ;)

  2. melissa: girl, i’m so not going to check out this Bath & Body Works website till I get a proper job to fund these obsessions of mine. I am trying to get myself weaned off Body Shop and now I have found out they have a new scent already out in UK, Neroli Jasmine. Dammit. I am going not going to buy it. At least I’m going to try not to.

    Uh. This Bath & Body Works.. is it really good? ;)

  3. This Bath & Body Works.. is it really good?


  4. arghhh! why why why! temptation got the better of me and i visited their website. arghhhhh. self-control. self-control. self-control. i shall just sniff it from over the monitor. ;)

  5. Should I actually tell you that I’m saving to get the Neroli Jasmine? =P love you babes! get online, I want to talk to you!

  6. Rajiiiiiiiiii!:how does Neroli Jasmine smell? I’m hoping it isn’t too strong. Then again, why am I hoping if I’m not gonna buy it? cough. hehe i’m online now!!

  7. haha bath & body works is more value for money tho i feel. the body spritz & shower gel is pretty big and can last u pretty damn long. okok i shall not tempt thee anymore and shush myself now ;)

  8. :( damage done. im tempted. but cant afford to buy anything. so now i’m depressed. and it’s all the fault of you, you, you and you!! :( :( :(

  9. Really quite yummy…my kinda perfume, i think…but then i havent hung arnd it long enough to know if it might get too cloying…hmmm…liddat howww…now im wondering if i should get it…sigh.

    as for you coming online…come when im also online woman! u realise there’s a time difference now? yeesh.


  10. I wish I was in UK. No, I wish I was wherever you are now. :( I am online now and I don’t see you. But yes, the time difference doesnt make it seem humanly possible you being online now. hehehe then again, what is not humanly possible might be quite possible with us. :P

    p.s: do a review on Neroli Jasmine. I demand it. be a fragrance connoisseur now!!

  11. heehee…i shall inform you of my expert conclusion after the next time i head out into town & check ou the fragrance totally =)
    we need a common time to meet online…like once a week at least! i demand that!

  12. I was online yesterday!!!! I saw you and msged you and you didn’t msg back and my heart broke. :( Yes. We do need a common time. How about… Monday evenings?? To shoo away the Monday blues?

  13. SG monday evenings work for me…so long as SG 9pm or after is considered evening =) time diff of seven hours till halloween n thereafter eight hours till easter.

    i end classes at 1pm on mondays, so that’s 8.30pm sg time ill get back to hostel till halloween day & thereafter, it’ll be sg 9.30pm by the time im back…

    what say we do monday nights at SG 10pm to keep it standard?

  14. walaooo, why so troublesome one??? why are we in differnt time zones??? hehehe ok hon, monday SG 10p.m. is sweet. :) yay!

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