I Love You.

The best of the best find moments of laughter in the worst of the worst times.

My heart aches for you, deeply. Tears are hardly enough. I pray now for strength. For optimism. Because deep inside, I know we are just starting, and this is just a little bump on the road. :)


3 Responses to “I Love You.”

  1. R u talking abt yr new sweetheart. Y not intro him. also does yr ex still read yr blog?

  2. rashika: maybe, maybe not. uh, i dont think he has ever read my blog.  and i don’t think it matters. reading blogs is quite simple. don’t read if you don’t like it. and it’s not like i drag names through mud either. so hmmm, yeah.

  3. eminamarie Says:

    oh..nice one

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