I wish people didn’t have to have a job.
That we could all be free-roaming, drug-free hippies.
That we could go hiking, back-packing and reading all year long.
That we will be paid for doing these things that we like, love, desire, long for.
That there will be enough funds to allow us to survive, and enough to make the family comfy.


15 Responses to “Employment.”

  1. if only everyone had a bottomless pit full of $$$…then we would have all the time in the world. Sadly, I am spending my unemployment brooding and fretting over finding employment. :P should i start roaming?

    p.s., thanks for stopping by my blog :D

  2. How I wish we all had that pit full of dough. ;) I think we should both start roaming. heeheehee

  3. a beautiful dream indeed!

  4. Still a mystery to me on how you ended up reading my blog!? But it is a pleasure to have you by once in a while. I may post in english soon, for you.

  5. If you guys don’t want to go look for jobs yet, then do what I’m doing – a PhD. It’s a ‘get out of looking for a job’ card. Why else would I be doing one??

  6. François Cordeau: Yes I know! I have no idea how I ended up at your site. You have gorgeous photographs though. That keeps me going back for more. Very sweet of you if you post in English, but don’t if it’s too inconvenient. I’ll still revel in your pictures. :)

    Arun: ARUNNN! What if I’m too dumb to do that? How how how??? And what if after that I’m overqualified (hahahaha) and I can’t do anything except lecture or be a roadside busker??

  7. To answer your first question, no such thing as too dumb to do a PhD. I’m doing one for crying out loud, and you can’t get much dumber than me. For your second question, if you do decide to be a roadside busker, let me know, and I’ll join you, cos I just might be in the same boat…

  8. hahahhaa. no Arun. Your smartness has disillusioned you. Contrary to your belief, there is such a thing as being too dumb. Not everyone become Dr. Somethings. And 2. YAY! This I like. I could be the tambourine dancer, you can play the recorder or something and sing.

  9. A recorder?? Please give me a bit more credit than that. A guitar sounds better (not that I know too much about that). And also, if we plan to get money from this gig, better if you sing, cos I probably sound like a dead frog.

  10. In hindsight, I’m not sure what kind of a sound a dead frog emits, given that its dead and all…

  11. can you carry a tune on a guitar? if you can, then I guess we’re all set. Let’s join the Busker Ring! (buskering, Busker Ring, geddit? hahaah ;) ) man. i need a life. and on hindsight, yes, how does a dead frog sound? like a cow grazing on a field of marijuana or an iced seal in the refrigerator? teeheehee

  12. Thank you, this is a lovely compliment. I have lived in the english part of Canada for ten years, so English is not an issue although I need some fine tuning :)…

  13. François Cordeau: hey, I think your English is perfectly fine!! Just that your blog has been mainly non-English, so I don’t want you to change anything because of just one person, me. :) Thank you very much, though. (p.s.: or… you might consider translation. hehehe)

  14. Ha,ha, ha! :) (laughter is written the same way in french)

  15. François: well, that’s a relief! hehehe ;)

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