STARHUBBBBB!!!! (or Nokia?)

DARN it!
By the time I came home from Malaysia, my handphone battery of my beautiful Nokia 7370 had died.
So I charged my battery and switched it on.
About ten minutes later, I heard a barrage of sms alert tones.
My Inbox had seven messages.
One of it was from my dearest friend telling me that she was off to Southampton like three days ago!!!!!

Another problem is the automatic voice-transformer feature in the phone. Once in a while, you will sound totally robotic to the other party. (which is not a real feature by the way) It’s terrible. And inconvenient. You have to hang up and call back, hoping that you don’t go Tranformers again.

P.S: My whole family had sms problems a couple of weeks back, but now, it seems like my phone is the only afflicted one. Helpppp somebody helppppppppp!! Time to get that warranty.

3 Responses to “STARHUBBBBB!!!! (or Nokia?)”

  1. I think its Starhub fault! Did you call the CSO ?

  2. Woooooo… Transformers, Robots in Disguise..

    Can’t wait for ze movie.. haha

  3. Radhika: No I havent. heehee. I shall. Soon.

    Karthik: Eww, you geek-O! I only watch smart shows like Desperate Housewives. Ahem. Now, excuse moi while I powder my nose. ;)

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