Festival of Lights.

How do you know that the Festival of Lights has descended?
Commercial and ethnic aromas fill the air.

Little colourful lights. Lighted peacocks in magnificent colours.
Frequent trips to Little India that fill the senses all at once.
The deep, crispy scent of Vadais, the appetite stimulating scents of South Indian meals.
The eye-catching, mouthwatering display of Indian sweets, arranged so temptingly.
The food. The kueh’s in a multitude of colours and shapes.
Beige almond mounds, bright red and orange coconut candy, the ever so familiar Kueh Tart (we insist on calling it this even though we know that Kueh and Tart mean the same thing, although it really is Pineapple Tart.)

And then. The suits.
The gorgeous, gorgeous suits.
In every possible colour and pattern.
The pastels. The brights.
The sarees. The plain, sweet ones. The glamourously embriodered fit-for-a-wedding ones.
The salwar kameezs. The chudidhars.
The bangles. Colourful. Glassy. As if every bangle was  made to suit its soulmate of a saree perfectly.

I like Diwali. Deepavali.
It’s here.
And I have already got my hands on some. ;)


4 Responses to “Festival of Lights.”

  1. No need to rub it in. I haven’t celebrated Deepavali properly for almost 5 years now! Hopefully, I can start celebrating it again in about 2 years time.

  2. Arun: Awww you poor thing. Huggg. Tell ya what, once you’re back, (like in the next zillion years or so), i’ll pass you all the sweets that i shall save up for you now k? ;)

  3. I’ll hold you to that! Make sure to keep the sweets in the fridge though, don’t want it to melt or anything. Better still, put it in the freezer. And the next time I am back (which will be much less than a zillion years, I can assure you), I’ll let you know that I’m back. Remind me to tell you if I forget…

  4. Arun: You!!! Yes. We have had this conversation face-to-face before. To remind you to tell me when you’re back. Just that how am I going to do that if I don’t know you’re back? So, is it going to be trillion years then? (it is much less than a zillion) Arghhhhh. Anyway. Yes, I shall keep the sweets in the freezer. It won’t melt. I am afterall the offically appointed Keeper of the Sweets.

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