So I’ve heard.
Funny how information about you seems to follow me wherever I go, even though I never seek it. I would have probably, before this mess, to know that at least that you were happy. But I’ve since realised, it is not neccssary.

Descriptions from various well-meaning people make you out to be someone I never knew. You can do better. Thank your lucky stars. That was not your life. I’m happy for you.

Apparently, you are loud and gregarious now. Wild, they said. A couple of bad habits that you tried to quit are back in your life. And a lot more till I did not want to hear.

It’s true, I guess. You’re no longer the person I knew. But maybe you’re happier now, like this. But does it matter, really? Or maybe you were this all along. But I chose not to see it. It makes sense now. If this were who you really were, then I guess all of those puzzling surprises should have been surprises that I should have seen coming.

How is it that you have changed so thoroughly while I still feel like the same old me?


8 Responses to “Change.”

  1. Could it be you caused him to change? Just a thought hard feelings…

  2. None at all. Well, that’s always possible, isn’t it not?

  3. Information of the one u dun wan to know about would follow you to the ends of the world.. even when years pass and oceans seperate you..
    this is the gospel accordin to D.. for more consult my blog *grin*

  4. I’m sorry I can’t help but say something. No offense, I don’t know you or anything but I have to say its rather insensitive to say that someone doing a complete turnaround in terms of personality is another person’s responsibility or even fault.

    People change everyday from different experiences. But at the end of the day, I personally strongly feel that it is how each individual chooses to react to each experience that helps shape or change one’s character, knowledge, personality etc.

    Just to illustrate,say my boss could yell at me and I just have an easgoing personality so it doesn’t bother me but say another colleague takes it much harder and decides that its personal. This is turn furthur affects the relationship between employer and employee.

    Each person’s personality, character etc is very complex. So many factors go into it some humans have not even began to fathom.

    The point is sometimes we never know, nor is there any reason to assign blame or reason. Sometimes it just is.

    *disclaimer: this is my own opinion. i dun mean any harm its just that my backside is sooo itchy i had to comment. ;)

    take good care babe

  5. D- I’ve realised that!! It’s so odd. It’s like each corner I run away to, Ta-Da! The info is there. I have to do a Girlfriend’s Guidebook on that. hmm. or I shall consult your blog for further guidance. heehee It’s strange isn’t it?

    Mel- Thanks love.. I was a teeny little bit upset but everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, although it is a little terrifying if I was the sole reason someone changed. People change all the time. I mean we know that. If there is one cliche that can’t be any ‘true-er’, it would be that the only constant is change. I mean, we all change… either for the worse or for the better. We grow, learn new things everyday and are hardly ever the same person. Innocence lost? Knowledge gained? The bottom line is that everyone’s healthy and happy. I think that is what matters. *hug*

  6. your welcome babes, not that i did much ;)
    it is very terrifying and i have to say its something i cannot accept. I’ve had ppl tell me i’m the sole reason they changed…for the worse. from personal experience,its a terrible thing to say and place the blame squarely on my shoulders coz in my opinion its a cowardly thing to do. ppl need to remember every single action/word/thought etc has a reaction or even a consequence. sometimes people don’t realise it and rather put the blame on everyone else.

    haha i have to agree. i like the line the only constant is change very much.

    great attitude. keep it up!*hugz* chin up alritey?

  7. Mel:*hugggg* we really should meet up and have a great session of stress-relief. Esp. with employment!!! (and other things of course) :O Tryin’ to keep the chin up! heh heh thanks dear. hope you’re doing well.

  8. hahaha yeap yeap we should.
    i din do anything la dun thank me!! haha u cartoon you.
    i’m doing good babes.

    take good care adioz

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