Jillunu Oru Kaadhal


I’m not really the type who watches Tamil movies in the cinema. But this was one movie I couldn’t pass up. For a multitude of reasons of course.

Firstly, there is A.R Rahman who worked on the gorgeous, gorgeous songs.
Secondly, there is Surya. (C’mon, any full blooded Indian woman can see the appeal in him) heehee

What can I say about the songs, really? A.R Rahman is pure magic. The only gripe is that some of the songs sound vaguely familiar. But, they stick to your soul and pull at your heartstrings nevertheless. There is the classy, musical-piece of the title song reminscent of the Golden Age of Hollywood. There is the famous, harp sounding, meticulously plucked, sentimental¬†Munbe Vaa, where each note and word of the lyrics render themselves straight to your heart. There is New York Nagaram… superbly composed. Lyrics so realistic and moving. A.R Rahman sings it like it is. Raw and just. And then there’s Macchakari. The quintessential dance piece. Fast-paced with again, a catchy tune and ahem, Shankar Mahadevan’s strong sexy vocals. Videography for New York Nagaram was reallllly good. Munbe Vaa was a bit of a disappointment. The playful love was well captured, but I felt that perhaps the cinematography could have been better.

Sigh. I think I might watch it again. Don’t expect a realistic, hard-hitting thoughtful movie. It is purely entertainment if you’re willing to leave your practical good sense at the cinema doors, and leave your rational beliefs at the popcorn counter. It is what it is made for- a feel good movie with huge doses of syruppy love (which some of my friends found a little overpowering, but suited the hopeless romantic in me just fine).

And yes, there’s Surya. Oh, have I mentioned him already? (He’s all good, till he starts speaking English that is.) heehee Off to listen to the soundtrack again! Haven’t heard it yet? Here ya go:

Jillunnu Oru Kaadhal Soundtrack

And a couple of videos to entertain me you. Heehee. What? It’s nice alright. ;) At least I’m not flooding videos on my Friendster. I still don’t get why people do that. Hmm.

New York Nagaram

Munbe Vaa


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