It’s a thought that suddenly hits you, fast and intense.
How do you mend fences that have long been broken?


6 Responses to “Fences.”

  1. well U swallow the pride.. call them up .. and say I am sorry could we try again .. if they dun response.. u can either try again .. or tell yourself u tried.. :)

  2. *gulp* thought abt that. what if it was a matter of too little too late? hmm.

  3. anyone whu is worth your while would appreciate the gesture.. it takes a big person to admit u fucked up .. and even if the other person cannot become your best mate.. they can still forgive you and forget whatever tt happened..

  4. oh dear. i didnt really eff up. well actually i did. sticking out for all the wrong people. who would later eff you up, down, center. i think in this sitn a lot of things effed up. (and i’m not being just self-defensive here. ;) ) i just dont know if too many things hv already effed up to effing put it together. ahahahha. im getting a kick out of this. i think the plus point is that a lot of things that effed up happened when we were kids, so i’m hopin that’s ok. the thing is, again, if it is just too late. you know. time drags on and on and suddenly you dont realise how far you hv grown apart. oh well. food for thought, nevertheless. thank you, D.

  5. I just realised I shouldn;t have swore on your blog.. sorry .. *grin*

  6. hahaha that’s okay la.

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