“I have learned not to worry about love;
 But to honor its coming with all my heart. ”
*Alice Walker

3 Responses to “Love.”

  1. nice quote :) where’d ya find it?

  2. Sigh. I wish I could do that. I’m just so very tired of love and all the stuff it brings with it that I have neither the time or the inclination to want to have anything to do with it.

    But I’m glad you do. :)

    How’s the room doing?

  3. Melissa: On the net? heehee.

    Music: Me too. It is tiring. Boys can be tiring. There is no such thing as boys becoming men. Boys will always remain as boys. I wish we could all remain as little girls as well. That way we can get away with a lot more things. :P ANd the room is finally, finally looking good. :D

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