Lesson #04 of the Girlfriends’ Guidebook


A couple of reasons why I have joined this No to self-abuse campaign.
A few of you guys know that I am a culprit of this whole self-deprecating, self-hurting thing. So, when I saw this banner, I had to put it on.

Self-abuse. It’s not worth it. It truly isn’t. The little satisfaction you get from punishing yourself is not going to give your ego a kick in the long run. I mean it when I say I know how it feels to do something unhealthy just to get your mind off the problem at hand. But honey, you know once the dirty deed is done (no matter how varying in intensity it is), the problem at hand is not going to turn into a solution.

I suggest, take a deep breath. Grab some panadol plus Tiger balm to soothe that upcoming migraine. And then grab a cuppa hot chocolate, some trashy romance novel and I am thinking that there is a shorter path to that light you’re searching for. ;) Good luck!

P.S: Did I mention that CLEO is also giving away Kenzo gifts if you paste this banner on your blog and you catch their eye? Go to CLEO’s blog for more details. Mwah, ladies. Have fun.


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