I really shouldn’t be doing this.
I have this extremely bad habit of rethinking my choices and regretting them.
I can’t accept the, What’s done is done mentality.

My walls are getting very tiresome.
When it is painted by a strong handsome male, somehow it all falls together nicely,
and evenly. It looks so rich and creamy.
When I’m all alone, and struggling with the roller paintbrush, there are uneven spots of light and dark white. Like a blind elephant used its trunk to squirt the paint onto the walls.
I should have just left it all alone.


6 Responses to “Walls.”

  1. Aicho paavam thing. I however do like the blind elephant analogy. If you come to NIE you’ll realise that the walls of the whole of the useless NTU-pathetic-excuse-for-a-university are painted along the same lines as your room. So feel better knowing that the government spent thousands of dollars painting something badly while you just did it yourself. ;)

  2. lovely layout!

  3. Music: NIE is an instituition i’m planning to go to. Ah. I’m so confused.

    Melissa: heehee thank you my dear. *hug* hope things are going well for you.

  4. Yikes. Really? But I thought you were working in a respectable place or something? Well I love to teach but I can’t stand NIE and the fact tt nothing they teach you had any real grounding in reality. Why are you confused?

  5. oh thankew my dear. yea things are going ok. :) hope the same n more for u!

  6. Music: yeah mannnn…. i am working in a respectable place, but i’m not sure if i’m too happy. still i’m wondering if beggars can afford to be choosers. man. the trials and tribulations of a fresh graduate…
    melissa: thank u my darling!

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