Insomnia & Starhub

Do not be mistaken.
There is no connection between Insomnia and Starhub.
Just two things I’m going to talk about.
Firstly, Insomnia.
Organised by my committee, last Friday night.
Although there were a few hiccups here and there, the night went smoothly and it was so much fun.
Again, there were friends of friends of friends and no one to mar the event.
Very very nice.

Secondly, Starhub.
There is something wrong with the network I think. My parents, their friends and colleagues, myself and a few friends of mine have realised that we are not getting sms-es and our missed calls are not being registered. This apparent hitch is very inconvenient because just as I am establishing my reputation as a good handphone person by replying smses and calling back, it seems as though I have crawled back into my hermit hole. This is NOT true, people! I get sms-es sent to me in a bulk, collated after two-three days. If I’m lucky, the sms will reach me one hour later. It is really quite inconvenient. If there is anyone else who is suffering from this, let me know. Maybe we could bring this up to the relevant people.

Well. My room has not progressed. It is very frustrating. But painting the red walls white is kinda therapeutic. It’s like rewriting myself. Reliving and relieving the memories. Breathing again.

Well, for my viewing pleasure. ;) Pix from Insomnia.

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P.S: You wanted and took everything I had. Now I have everything I have ever wanted.  Thank you.


7 Responses to “Insomnia & Starhub”

  1. hey meera! i bought an earring from you once. was just wondering if you still do make them. let me know yeah? and if you have a site, do give me the link. thanks!

  2. And may you always have everything you’ve ever wanted. :)

    I actually got asked to go to the Insomnia event by 3 different people to whom I basically replied that the amount of mamas at an event like that were enough for me to never go near it. Was there a raging fight with broken beer bottles like there was the last time?

  3. Your comments page is very weird. Sometimes it signs me in as Geetha and sometimes as Music. Strange stange thing. And I dont realise that it uses my name till after I post the comment. I am a fan of anonymity which I seem to lose every now and then with ur blog. Have a talk with it, will you? ;)

  4. I still get afraid of my shadows when they get projected on the screen.

  5. Nadia: Ah, a return customer! You have made my day. :) You see, the site that was hosting me crashed, and I lost everything. I’m going to start one up soon with my own domain. I’m thinking of venturing into something else as well. Perhaps.. lingerie? With matching earrings. heh heh

    Geetha/Music: Thank you sweetheart. Hmm, well, there was a raging fight. Thanks to the mamas. But glad to report that after that event, security was tightened big time. This time it was clean and good fun. You shold have come babe! As for your strange nicks, hehe, I did have a talk with it but it doesnt seem to listen. I guess your identity henceforth shall be determined by my blog. Saves you the trouble of an identity crisis. (uhm which you are having now apparently. Geetha or Music? Music or Geetha? Geetha or Music?.. okok i shalll stop.) heehee love you.

    Aarthi: Uhm.. I’m guessing you’re talking about Insomnia?

  6. No! i’m talking about the welcome tea.. and how i got scared by own silhouette. how can you forgetttttttt…

  7. Aarthi: Eh, are you sure it was me??? I dont remember. Either I’m getting too old, or you spoke to my look-alike. heehee im guessin’ its the former. ;)

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