Room in Chaos. (unlike the heart)

My little room is in a mess of gargantuan proportions.

There is SO much to do, but so little manpower. Right now, the statistics is hovering at one. That’s me. :|
It’s okay, I can do it!
Nevermind that my dark red walls will have to be stained white, twice over if I’m lucky.

Other than that, I think there’s a little spark of warmth in my heart after so long.
It’s something so filling and satisfying, warm and… safe.
Yes. There’s this strange calm sea of comfort that is filling itself into my soul.
Amidst random outings, antics, laughter and bundles of fun, there is a quiet, stabilising emotion that creeps into you without even you realising it.
You find yourself at peace, alone or otherwise.
You love. You are loved.
I like it.
It is true.
It is only when you’re comfortable with yourself,
and when you open your heart up to yourself, can you give and then recieve.
Blessed. :)


2 Responses to “Room in Chaos. (unlike the heart)”

  1. Sigh. I really have no idea what that feels like, never really been in love. Never had anyone love me for who I am either. Well friends but not would be lovers. Well done babe. For having both. ;)

  2. Music: Dear..dear.. You know, this feels new to me as well. I always thought I knew what love was. But I’ve never felt this loved, this glowing, this safe and comfortable. I think I’m lucky and blessed that I found this so soon. And being the idealistic romantic I am, I think you will find yours as well. I know you will. *hug*

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