Chocolate & Creme: Colonial Themed Room

“Red is an aggressive colour. That’s why you’re so temperemental. Change your room color. Paint it white.”
But it’s not red. It’s Maroon!
“It’s still a shade of red. Change it.”

So there started my mini-renovation of my room.
My mother insists that I am hot/short tempered because of the colour of my room.
Over the last holidays, together with some help, I changed the layout of my terribly ordinary room. I went with an Arabian theme, complete with maroon walls, gold borders and a dark red curtain behind my bed with stained glass tealight holders and pictures of Moghul princes and princesses framed in gold-stained wood. It was very pretty.

I say this in past tense because work on my room has already started. If my walls are going to have to be white, I’m not going to be sitting still with a plain, ol’ boring white walled room. I promptly decided on a Colonial Themed room. I had a immediate image of white-washed walls, dark furniture with billowing white curtains, and a white caopy over my bed, and a glass of fresh greens.

The only problem is that I had boring plywood furniture. The late 90’s type, with the lighest brown vinyl. What I am in the process of doing now is changing the whole look of my current study table and computer table. Again with some help, we painted it a rich shade of brown, Leather. I have replaced the plastic handles with quaint little Porcelain knobs, with a little painted rose motif. The walls are going to be painted in Barley White, a muted shade of white, which I’m hoping will beautifully throw off the rich chocolate browns. I’m taking down the Roman blinds which hover above the cabinets below my windows, and I’m going to put up double layered curtains. The night curtain is a flowing white, with embossed motifs. I have not made up my mind for the day curtains. My poor bed has been lying on the floor for a very long time, with my bed frame in my brother’s room. So, I had to invest a little in a floor bed frame. I’m struggling with the idea of painting it as it is rather tedious.

Now all of this sounds a little pricey, but it isn’t really. 
But I really need to do this, I guess. My room has too many memories that carries a lot of negative energy with it. Truth be told, I haven’t slept in my room for a very long time. I just feel so drained of energy each time I walk in. When I sleep there, I almost always get terrifying dreams. I know for sure that the dark-white walls will brighten my room tremendously. The dark furniture is to add a litle nostalgia. Oh, my fingers are crossed!

That being said, I also want to spray paint my window grilles white, but I need to get proper paint for that. I can’t have paint peeling off the grilles. I’m really hoping this is all going to come together well. Fingers crossed. Sometimes half-way through a project, you really start doubting if it’s going to work the way you want it to, but well, we’ll see!


2 Responses to “Chocolate & Creme: Colonial Themed Room”

  1. Meera,
    Pls show us pics of yr Arabian themed room! sounds v.interesting. Y not put up a virtual tour of yr room ! Hope to see pics soon….


  2. Radhika: Girl, I’ve been looking all over for those room make over pictures, but I can’t seem to find them! And I’m very upset. When I do find them, I promise I’ll plaster them all over here. :{

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