“You only have one life. Are you sure you want to spend it with me?”
“That is why I want to spend it with you.”

Before the weekend is even over, I start missing you.


7 Responses to “Longing.”

  1. I saw u in tekka on saturday! Couldn come say hi though..u were crossing the road :D

  2. You should have crossed the road with me! Heehee. We were doing Insomnia publicity.

  3. ohh..im so sick of going tekka to get donations for our charity show la..i swear half the store owners purposely disappear when they see me and my friend! hehe

  4. That is very sweet. And I too would only only rather spend it with someone. Stay afloat babe. Take care little one.

  5. Ambiga: Hahahaha Marketting… It’ll always be like this babe. Just make sure your skin is thick. Don’t care who slams the door on your face. We’re bigger than that. It’s for charity. So give means give, if not, forget it. There will be someone out there who sees the cause. Tekka is quite annoying. Did you try LISHA?

    Music: :) Yes, I mean how would you respond to someone who says that to you? I’m afloat babe. I’m so glad I’m where I am. *hug*

  6. We havent tried lisha yet..but we will! hehe…

  7. :) hehe okay dear. try them out as well. all the best!

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