The Devil Wears Prada & a Life of Glam.

What better way to watch this movie than with one of your bestest girlfriends?
Had a fantastic Teachers’ Day today. :P

We met up in the afternoon at Bugis. Had a quick lunch which consisted of custom-made Mango Chendol for me. (Can’t beat her customised Ice Kachang for dinner though.) ;)
Browsed through books in Kinokuniya and realised that there a couple of my all-time favourite books that have been displaced in unfortunate cicrumstances.
And rather odd too. I would rather not have them back, actually, I do not want them back. It is far too odd, although they have sentimental value. Again, for one of those books, it is a sentiment I would rather not be reminded of. Too, too odd.

I bought one of the books for myself today. That was to replace the book that my father bought for me from Melbourne. The Bride Stripped Bare by Annonymous. A must-read. Well, at least for me. A story about desires and circumstances. About sexual awakening. Very well-written. After that, caught The Devil Wears Prada. What a terribly self-indulgent movie. It was equivalent to eating a tub full of ice-cream. Meryl Streep has one of the most commanding screen presence. Anne Hathaway is beautiful. Gorgeous dresses from Gucci, Prada. Shoes from Jimmy Choo, Manalo Blahnik, Chanel. Bags, purses, scarves, necklaces, watches. My My My. What a feast for the eyes. And to top it off, a quick love affair in Paris. And a little thought-provoking. What exactly will you do for that dream job? I found myself asking that. The fashion industry is one that is known to be mercilessly ruthless, and the thought of joining it has tickled my fancy once in a while, but how low are you willing to go? How long will you put up with it? Questions, questions that lasted till we stepped out of the theater and into retail heaven. (The downside of watching that movie is that you’re suddenly inspired to buy beautiful things more than normal.)

Bought two pairs of shoes, a lovely, lovely white and champagne coloured dress and two lacy spaghetti tops. At the end of it all, the girlfriend and I treated ourselves to a 45 minute Manicure at Hollywood Nails. Now we have very pretty nails. I’m feeling very happy. For good reason.

Now I’m very sleepy. And am going to play Pictionary with my family. I miss my dad. I hope everything’s fine at Brazil. Can’t wait for him to be back. The only downside is that I can’t use the car anymore. :(

Okay, the dice, gameboard, pencils and timer are calling me! A whole night of drawing and screaming. Whee! Goodnight and fare thee well.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
O’Hara nail colour  on
knobby, baby fingers.
Well, at least it matches
my bag.

13 Responses to “The Devil Wears Prada & a Life of Glam.”

  1. =) the day was so much fun! Whee! more, More, MoRe, MORE!!!

  2. :P Heehee. YES. MORE!!!! Before you fly back. :(

  3. You can drive?? Thought you didn’t have a license?????

  4. Your dad’s in Brazil??? Woah!!!

  5. Before I fly back for what is hopefully the second last time. =D

    And yes, Arun, she does have a license to drive. Whether she should have a license is a totally different question. =P

  6. Arun: I have had a license for the past.. let’s see… three years! Why are you so shocked?? I’m waiting for you to go through with the test and for the subsequent results.

    Karthik: He is in Brazil. He was in Chile. Three days ago, he was in Argentina. And before that he was in New York. I want my dad’s job. Actually… no it’s okay, he can keep it. heehee

    Raji: I am hoping that too! Can’t wait to have an overnight. And what is wrong with my drivingggggg! It was just once I went over a kerb completely and Puvan my hero had to take over and drive out. But other than little mishaps like this, I’m pretty alright! It’s the other menances on the road. :Z heeheehee

  7. The tester must have been drunk or something when she had the test. And the reason I’m so shocked is because I thought you said you didn’t have a license. Think I’ve killed off too many brain cells.

  8. Oh, and I’m dreading this test, the results especially.

  9. Arun: Hellooooo! He wasn’t drunk. He said I drove like a qualified driver! ha! I can’t waittt for results.

  10. Said you drove like a qualified driver, when you went over a kerb…hhmm, sounds to me like he was drunk at the time.

  11. …I did not go over a kerb when during my test. I went over a kerb three years after passing. :( He wasn’t drunk. And neither was I! Meanie. :(

  12. Well, ok then, since you feel so strongly about it, you’re not a bad driver. Went for the test. Good news, I seem to be in pretty decent shape. Bad news, they didn’t check my liver. I gotta go somewhere else for that one.

  13. Arun: Hey you, I am really glad to hear everything is okay. The bad news is kinda bad. I thought that was the main thing we were spposed to get checked! Pls get it done asap. Arunnnn. This is one thing you should not procastinate. Really.

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