I want I want I want.

I want to stop working.
I want to study again.
I want to study and learn new things.
I want to read and read and read.
I want to do English Literature all over again.
I want to go into Interior Design.
I want to experiment with Fashion Design.
I want to go into Media.
I want to go back and live in Hougang.
I want to wait for the school bus and pluck small Kalamansi fruits from the bushes.
I want to know what I want.

Figure it all out.


7 Responses to “I want I want I want.”

  1. how odd.. I was gonna ask you about your earring design thing.. they looked real good..

  2. :) Thanks dear. I was operating from Diary-X. But then the darn thing crashed. Thus ended my operation. I am toying with the idea again, but with the burgeoning of three-for-ten dollars earrings, who is going to pay for personalised hand-crafted ones? Quite sad.

  3. Thought you were planning on going back to school? And figure what out? Also, I think you should add “I want to go back to being a 5 year old kid with eating, playing and sleeping being the only things on my mind” to your list.

  4. I am. Have to settle a few things before that. And yes, I shall add that bit. :)

  5. the thing is.. those three for ten dollar earrings.. u might find a real nice one like once in a while.. most of the time they dun look very nice.. so wouldn’t most pple pay a bit more for sumthing they knoe they would like.. compared to takin the chance.. and then the earrings break .. and I could go on and on

  6. By the way, I’m finally going for that blasted health check up on Tuesday. If I get any results that I don’t like, I shall proceed to blame you for making me go for it.

  7. D: But.. those offers really have good earrings. I’m a repeat victim. :) Hmm.. But still maybe I should try doing something again. Thanks, love.

    Arun: Ah-HA! Finally! I was wondering what took you so long. I can’t wait for the results. All the best. *hug*

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