Just Because.

Sometimes you do certain things that need no reason.
It could be a sudden smile, a little giggle.
It could be the time when your heart broke,
the dams of your eyes released,
and you can’t stop crying, you can’t stop sobbing deeply from your heart,
and you hear little pained groans from yourself.
You feel almost insane, your heart is heavy and your face feels all banged up,
from all that crying.
And then you catch your reflection in the mirror.
And you pause. You may even smile.
And you notice suddenly how your tear-streaked face looks like it’s glowing,
You notice how thick your eyelashes are, and the way your hair falls.
You notice things about your face, about yourself that you have never noticed before.
You notice that your face actually has glimpses of beauty.
That, you’ve been too busy to stop and notice.



7 Responses to “Just Because.”

  1. Hippy_Gal Says:

    Have u been crying alot lately????

  2. haha no!
    as a matter of fact, it’s been a long, long, longggg time since I cried.
    *touch wood*
    Not like this at least! heehee. This entry is based on the memory of me a longgg time ago. ;)

  3. Raji: Love you too sweetheart! lots and lots and lots. mwahhhh!

  4. =P
    See! You do come online!

  5. Babe. What la you, its been frigging four days. Write something already.

  6. Raji: heehee yes i dooooo. mmmmmmwah!

    Geetha: I know I know.. I see my blog stats dropping. terrible. heehee. no la, ive been a little busy. but its okay, shall come back soon! uhm thats like in a couple of days. ;)

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