5 Quick Updates and a rather long Postscript.

#1- I have been a little busy with a few things and hence the tiny hiatus. One is work and the other is uhm…sleep? heehee

#2- I have taken up a new albeit a little pricey hobby. Scrapbooking. I just realised that there is a name to what I have been doing randomly over the years. Just that at that time, I was picking literally scrap material that I find around the house and save to put it inside my book, such as bouquet wrapping, used gift wraps, beautiful cards. And now that I have discovered shops that are dedicated to this hobby and the availability of all scrap materials, I feel the need to indulge and buy those beautiful, beautiful materials. The downside to this I suppose is that it limits your creativity to a certain extent. I’m on a family scrapbook project now, which is going to take some time to complete, perhaps when I get the time I shall scan a page in and upload it here.

#3- Last Saturday, I had the privilege of attending the Indian Music Extravaganza, Rhythm Kollywood, and had very good seats at that. I went mainly for Shankar Mahadevan. But I was pleasantly surprised by A.R. Rahman’s drummer, Sivamani, being a part of the band. He is excellent. God’s gift to drums I tell you. He had a 15 minute solo that was nothing short of breath-taking. Others who made my day were Srinivas who has such a bubbly personality on stage, Tippu who has the typical villager-dance-aka Vijay voice, Chitra and Harini (both of these ladies who have such lovely, lovely, lovely voices. The lady who sang the famous Raa Raa. And host Vivek’s whackiness coupled with Ramyakrishnan’s gorgeous sarees. I’m not a fan of such shows, but Shankar Mahadevan was just too good to pass up. And I’m mighty glad I went.

#4- I was treated to my first proper manicure at Plaza Singapura. Yay! Nice, well-shaped, painted fingernails!

#5- I have to walk my dog now. Which is nothing much of a great point, but yes. toodles!

P.S: I must admit that me starting scrapbooking proper was borne out of the fear of losing memories. It is a great way to store and cherish each and every memory, and every person who is cherished and held dear. And I don’t think it’s a housewifey thing either. ;) Isn’t it a little scary to lose your memory? I read in the papers of this comatose lady who gave birth. She is surviving only through a tube in her stomach. Does she remember anything? Does she feel anything? Does she know? Frightening, really. Now what does this comatose lady have anything to do with scrapbooking. Nothing really. Just because. Pardon me, it was the ‘memory’ train of thought!!

6 Responses to “5 Quick Updates and a rather long Postscript.”

  1. Shankar Mahadevan Rocks. ROCKS!!! If it’s possible to want to sleep with an amorphous thing, then I wld want to sleep with his voice. He sang on the Vishwa Vinayaka cd that I performed for and I swear his voice takes me places and makes me cry. His voice makes me feel closer to God. Its wonderful. You lucky piglet!!!

  2. Music: Yes, I am a very, VERY lucky piglet. But considering that amount of weight I have put on, I shall go for lucky pig. And yes, yes, yes, Shankar Mahadevan is just purely fabulous.

  3. I think the fear of forgettin is a good reason to scrap book .. actually it is a damm good reason too .. wait why else would pple scrap book

  4. D: That’s a good point. heehee. hmm wait. what about bored, creative housewives? Uhm, well, legally creative at least. :P

  5. oh!!! you went for the show??

    Sivamani’s amazin la.. He’s actually a close friend’s family friend. He’s a phenomenal percussionist. And I have absolute respect for the man.. Why???

    I was at this 16th day prayers at this friend’s place. In Singapore. And there he was, all dressed down, with a box-like looking thingy. We had bhajans, and guess what??

    The dude actually started playing some beats on his box, and it was resonating through out the house. Prabhu and I, who have already heard of him prior to this, just had to pinch ourselves.

    You’ve gotta hand it, to his humility. For such a well-known figure, he just stood in the shadows, not wanting to go around boasting and stuff..

    Oh, and he’s Madhavan’s good friend too. Heh, found out after flippin’ thru his photo album, which he had brought along, to show my friend’s family.. =)

  6. WHAT?!?!?! ohmygod………..all these details… you have splashed on my comments corner only to make me go absolutely green with envy. okay. that was such a grammatically incorrectly structured sentence. heehee. i know he is amazing, but i never knew about his humility. I guess my respect and admiration for his skills, and now for him as a person, has gone up a few notches. i can’t believe you saw him??? as in met him and there he was playing. argh. i want his autograph. but i want madhavan. :P

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