Dinner & Fireworks.

You go for dinner.
You’re seventy stories above ground.
Breath-taking, sparkling fireworks explode and dazzle infront of you in the sky.
A moment that cannot be described by mere words alone.
You see traffic like little ants below you, with hazard lights on, as they stop to watch the spectacle high above.
Lights and colours are everywhere infront of you, framed by that one glass panel that seperates you from the massive sparkles, unlike a private performance, with gigantic glittering stars and gold dust.

And then it hits you. With the same force and velocity as a train-wreck, and that which you cannot stop.

You have forgotten to bring your camera.

But an hour later, extremely ruffled feathers are made smooth with a simple ensemble of Chocolate fondue and frozen Strawberry Margarita. But you return with no frozen memories on film. And that is a feeling that cannot be paid by MasterCard!



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