Of what dream dates are made of (well, almost.)

On the eve of National Day, I went on a date and throughly enjoyed and exhausted myself. It was absolutely perfect. It’s not your run off the mill usual, movies-popcorn-dinner date, but a full day affair. It wasn’t a run off the mill, but it was off the beaten track. (Okay, I shall stop with the word creativity here.)

We started off with Nasi Lemak from Changi Village. And then rented bicycles and started cycling. We had planned to cycle all the way to East Coast, but we had to abort the plan due to unforseen circumstances. We started cycling from the end of Changi Beach towards East Coast, and I uncovered little pockets of heaven along the way.

The first was this little path through some tall trees. It smelled so fresh and pure. It was beautiful as we cycled under the trees, with the sun’s rays seeping through the leaves overhead.

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The next pocket of heaven was a stretch of beach I never knew existed in Singapore. It’s also along Changi but the water is actually clear! It was around late afternoon, and the sun was low but bright, and the light bounced off the surface of water, making the whole place glitter like a sea of blue green diamonds, under a vast sky. Breath-taking. As I handed over the camera to my date, he graciously took photos of me being basically being a nutcase as I splashed in the water, knee-deep.

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After splashing a bit,we got back on our bikes and this time we had to use a dirt path beside a forested area that runs along the side road along the airport runway.Along the way, we came across a small field of green grass. Beautiful. We stopped to drink and chat a bit and again I took pictures. (It was more of a photo trip for me. hehe what isnt?)

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We got back on our bikes and then, suddenly, our date took a little turn for the worse. As we stopped to refuel ourselves with mineral water, we heard a distant barking that became not so distant anymore, and within seconds, heard the sounds of dogs running on the grass (My dateinsists it was a slow jog.) And then, the source of the barking became sources that manifested themselves in the shapes of not 1, not 2, not 3 but FIVE big, stray dogs. I took to my feet and struggled with my bike as I tried to balance with one hand on the handle and the other on the mineral bottle, which didnt work since I went crazy and dropped the bottle. It was so bloody scary, I had my kidneys in my mouth. Good thing at least one of us had the clarity to remind ourselves not to panic and to cycle slowly. (Obviously it was not me.)

I was extremely shaken and after four hours of cycling, not only did my Gluteus Maximus hurt, I was having trouble concentrating. I kept thinking what if ten dogs ran out of the forest and started attacking us. We turned back because it was getting late, and if we had cycled all the way, it would be too dark and dangerous to cycle back.

So we turned back, and as I was trying to concentrate, I cycled looking down and just then a baby lizard skipped past me and as I tried to avoid it, I went over a thick branch and after that everything was in slow-mo. My bike fell to the right and I fell with it. How do you know your date is a gentleman? You hear him jump off his own bike as it crashes to the ground, sprinting over to you, and wipes off mud and dirt off your sorry arms without a single sign of a smile cracking on his face. If it was me, I would have laughed my Gluteus Maximus off. (We did later, once we were off the scary dirt path.)

{AND YES, NO PICTURES FOR THESE TWO HORRIFIC EVENTS. Reason being we didn’t have a camerawoman as she was busy sprawled on the ground trying to scramble to her feet desperately trying to save what little dignity was left.}

Anyway, that was the end of our little cycling escapade. We returned to our homes, freshened up and got ready. What followed was watching fireworks and dinner which was followed by…

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Yes. That is Creme Brulee. Always a nice ending following their Fish Curry with Mangotini. What a lovely evening. :) Life is good.

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