Lesson #02 of the Girlfriend’s Guidebook

If you are like me, a few of the most important qualities you look out for in a man shall be social grace, etiquette and manners.

I never knew how important these were in your partner and how differing views on this could severely affect the relationship. I used to apologise for and justify a previous partner’s behaviour. Perhaps it never was his fault. Perhaps he just was a major introvert. He can’t not like all my friends (could he?), but he often left a cold impression and people would ask me what was wrong and if he was okay and if things were okay between us. If this happened once or twice for valid reasons, he may be excused I suppose. However, if it affects you even a slight bit, talk it out and discuss with your significant other. Chances are, he might not even be aware of his aloofness and a demeanour that would put an iced seal to shame. But, please switch on your warning lights should he release nonchalant vibes, for that smacks of ill-mannerism.

When you introduce your man to your family members or friends, he should be warm and friendly. Not over the top chatterboxy, but at the very least appropriately polite and well-mannered. A firm handshake, a sincere smile and eyes that are interested are always a turn-on, no? (However, if you are one of those girlfriends who go psycho if your man even lifts his eyelids up to look at your girlfriends because you think she is wayyyy hotter than you are, this post is not for you! What handshake??? Alert, alert, abort read-blog mission!!!!!)

After introduction and saying goodbyes, there should be a slightly warm fuzz, and not a bitter aftertaste, that you are left to apologise for. Honestly, who likes cold, rude boys? If your feelings are not considered, and should he continue acting like a heartless brute, get the hint.

That goes to you too, girlfriends.
Always, always, mind your p’s and q’s. That is always hot. :)

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8 Responses to “Lesson #02 of the Girlfriend’s Guidebook”

  1. I missed lesson one…haha..i have to go to archives now…but its true..if a guy truely cares…the opinions of your loved ones should matter alot to him

  2. heehee. Yes dear, it definitely should. just like how we wouldn’t want to appear uptight to his friends/family members, it should apply vice-versa as well. ;)

  3. What’s an iced seal?

  4. erm. a seal that has been kept too long in the freezer box of your refrigerator.

  5. What????

  6. Arun! You mean you’ve never had a seal that has been kept too long in the freezer box of your refrigerator?!?!?!?! jeeeeeez.

  7. Sorry, no. I keep elephants in there. I throw in a couple of giraffes sometimes.

  8. that would explain. well, pls update your “what-to-keep-in-the-freezer-box-of-your-refrigerator” list. :) heehee

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