Water Nymph, I am.

Which Greek Goddess are you?

You are a Water Nymph! Whether it’s in thunderstorms, or swimming in rivers or the ocean, you love it. You probably have a great connection with society or your friends, and are a loving, helpful creature. Just as the ocean can be calm and breathtaking, your talents are unique and are a blessing to those around you. But sometimes the ocean is dark, myserious, or stormy, which also reflect your emotions. Role- They were depicted as beautiful maidens, often riding on the backs of Hippokampoi (Fish-tailed horses), Ketoi (Sea-monsters) or dolphins.Symbols- water (naw, really?!, seashells, nymphs, helpers of Poseidon. Story- There are several different types of Nymphs in Greek Mythology, but they are usually helpers and assistants to the gods. Nymphs had the divine power of changing the shape of things, and were agressive lovers. Nymphs are always with their companions (which is why you are so social) and were kind to sailors in trouble (which is why you are so nice.)

Take this quiz here!

P.S.: Trouble with being a smart aleck and figuring out how to put pictures and html on your blog would lead to you doing senseless quizzes. Though, I would like to think myself of a Water Nymph. La-dee-da!


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