4 Fun Facts

Fun Fact #1:
Did you know that Octupuses when threatened wrap six of their tentacles around their head like a turban and use the other two on their tips to walk away? I had a visual image which was so hilarious.
I kid you not. Click here: Octopus Walking.

Fun Fact #2:
Sleeping at 4 in the afternoon and waking up at nine when the world has gone by you is not fun. The lesson we learn is to make sure your handphone is not on silent so you can be woken up by your 8 missed calls.

Fun Fact #3:
Picture of the below-mentioned famed Blood Orange Creme BruleePhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Fun Fact #4:
Meera is smart. Therefore, she has figured out how to upload pictures and hyperlinks. Muahahahah! They I don’t call myself Highpriestess for nothing!


5 Responses to “4 Fun Facts”

  1. Fun fact #4 – really?? Sorry, but I just couldn’t pass this up.

  2. Sniff…why did u have to put up that picture?! *sulk*

  3. Arun: I will kill you. I will hunt you down and kill you. hee.hee.hee.

    Ambiga: I’m sorry, but you must admit, my photo taking skills are quite good, no? :P hehehehhe

  4. Well yes…its good..but still?? And i thought reading http://www.thebakerwhocooks.blogspot.com was a torture…:P

  5. Ambiga: ohmygod. that was terrrible. now im hungry. and i just ate, like twice. arghhhhhhhhhhh.

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