Pearls of Wisdom

A friend I’m on the phone with just blessed me with a philosophical statement he came up with based on the “Loosu Pennae” song. Here it goes:

“Relationships are like songs. They may have a beautiful tune, but you can screw it up by using the most awful of lyrics words.”

My friend is so smart. (I was paid to say this.)


2 Responses to “Pearls of Wisdom”

  1. I agree… Your friend is indeed very smart… It takes a man of utmost intellect and wisdom to spout such heavenly analogies… You must be gifted to have such a gifted and generous friend who’s willing to impart his ocean of knowledge to the lesser fortunate like yourself…
    Treasure this man and may his kind soul be blessed… Amen.

  2. Coughhhh. Pray thee, what is your altruistic motive in praising my smart friend? But I agree, beautiful tunes may not be enough. However, according to Murphy’s Law, the song that you hate most will be stuck in your head, an example would be Loosu Pennae. I still cannot believe that anyone can write lyrics like that. I should be a lyricist by now.

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