Who blogs for fame?

A couple of days ago there was a feature article in the Straits Times on blogging that claimed that every single blogger out there blogs for fame. Well, at least that was the statement that it made loud and clear on the cover page. I was a little cheesed off.

I started blogging a long, long, long time ago. That would be in 2001. I was in my first year of junior college. The word Blog/Blogging was not even around, and a couple of months later, when the term actually surfaced, it referred to a log of websites, not an online journal. What I was writing was called an online journal, not a blog. And as such, I kept it under the weight of secrecy, except for two of my best friends from JC. It was a good outlet to vent my emotions. However, at that time, I rarely had anything interesting to say. Not that it differs much now, but that was during my time of melancholy and laziness.

Even now, while my blog address is rather public, I do not blog for fame. I have drastically reduced my candidness and the depth of information that I reveal. It’s rather sad to gain fame through sharing bits and pieces of your life. Instead, if I am ever remembered, I would like to be remembered for my nonsensical way of writing. Not to be famous for it, but remembered. But I certainly don’t write for fame. I find the very idea a little ridiculous.

Still, I’m also supposing that blogging could be an immediate route to fame, based on the large internet exposure. But fame…. mmmm….. oh well. I think I’m a little tired. What kind of useless argument is this???

I quote a good friend. “Meera, you throw caution to the wind and write spontaneously, with no regard and thought to punctuation and capital letters.
I think he meant it in a good way. I think I shall take it that he meant it in a good way. :)


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