Sweet Tooth Alert #01

This is for all the Sweet Tooths Sweet Teeth out there.
I savoured this yesterday and absolutely could not keep it to myself. So here it is.
Try only if you are a hard-core Sweet Tooth.
The Blood Orange Creme Brulee at Fullerton is heavenly.
It is to die for people! To Die For!
The thin layer of baked/fired, caramelised sugar at the top, that breaks like a thin layer of ice over the warm, soft pudding that slowly melts in your mouth.
And they serve it with ice-cream as well. I’m trying to get pix here that will make you absolutely drool so you will go out and try it, but I can’t seem to work it here. I am sounding so bimboitic, but I can’t help it!


So, do try. Or since we’re on this topic, a few more recommendations, for Sweet Teeth.

*Strawberry Lassi @ Inaiyavan
*Dessert Sampler @ Equinox
*Milo Dinosaur @ Prata Place
*American Brownie @ Billy Bombers
*Dessert Buffet @ Changi Village Hotel

Now the last one, you MUST try. It is literally a dessert buffet. Imagine a buffet, but all desserts. I’m not sure when this happens though. I think I went on a Sunday.

Okay. Till next time I have something to gripe about. Which I do actually, about a certain newspaper article that claimed that “each and every” blogger out there blogs for fame. Dammit. I have a few things to say about that. But another story for another day! Till, we meet again (very soon), Adieu!

9 Responses to “Sweet Tooth Alert #01”

  1. Adi Paavi…reading that itself makes my coffee taste like the bitter-est thing possible, if you actually dare to put pictures up, I’ll train my darling Casper to eat you up! *bite*

  2. Yea..pictures will make my life utterly miserable..seeing as how im on an obscene no-chocolate diet.. (which will probably last for another 2 hrs at most) :p

  3. Raji: heeheehee i cant put pics up. so sad. :| And Casper is now quite capable of eating me up. Its official theme song is from Jaws.

    Ambiga: girl. a no-choc diet IS obscene. you must must never wean yourself off chocolate. that is an essential. never forget this for the rest of your life. that being said, i forgot to add one more to the list, which I shall do here, and on my post.
    American Brownie @ Billy Bombers. This is heaven on earth, honest.

  4. haha but meera..im looking like a whale these days..a beached whale (since i cant swim)

    Oh btw change ur link can..my blog add is ambiga.blogdrive.com

    Thank you!

  5. Ambiga: But sweetheart, if looking like a beached whale is the aftermath of feasting on chocolate goodies, i say it’s worth it. just make sure you’re fit enough for your heart to take it! heeheehee. like i care about the last part. there’s probably a layer of chocolate clogging my arteries.;) okay link shall be changed! mwah.

  6. I have Baileys filled chocolates!

    They’re currently serving the purpose of motivation – I’m only allowed to eat them after the exam. Thus, they also serve to frustrate.


  7. omg.
    Baileys + Chocolate = Heaven
    I shall help you with your post-exam choc celebration. :)

    Hee. Hee. Hee.

  8. I’ll consider that after the Girls’ Day In/Out that I demand!

  9. I demand that too!!!!!

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